2024 Digital Engagement Benchmarks

From AI to analytics, new tech  innovations are transforming marketing right before our eyes. But, that’s not the only trend that’s changing fast –this year, digital audiences are consuming more content and interacting with brands at higher levels than ever before.   

So how are marketers finding new ways to engage audiences and meet their evolving expectations?

Join us as we unveil the “2024 Digital Engagement Benchmarks”, where you’ll see new data on audience behaviors, content preferences and the impact of personalization to give you best practices for elevating your webinar, virtual event and content performance in 2024.

You’ll learn benchmarks to help you: 

  • Optimize audience conversion rates 
  • Deepen audience engagement and interactivity 
  • Repurpose content with on-demand experiences and nurtures
  • Increase the impact of your webinars and virtual event channel 

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