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Webinars: The Ultimate Content Marketing Data Feedback Machine

May 26th, 2015

White Paper from ON24 and MarketingProfs Illustrates How Webinars Facilitate the Buyer’s Journey

SAN FRANCISCO — May 26, 2015 — ON24, the world’s leading webinar marketing platform for demand generation, lead qualification and customer engagement, today announced a white paper jointly created with MarketingProfs,The Ultimate Content Marketing-Data Feedback Machine: Webinars.” The new white paper is designed to illustrate how marketing professionals can use the “reciprocating engine” of content and data to drive engagement and help move purchasers through the buyer’s journey with webinar technology.

Available immediately, the free report explains how today’s era of digitally inspired chaos has spawned customers who conduct their buying journey from behind the scenes. These prospects visit information outposts across the Internet and gradually build purchasing opinions without the direct involvement of marketers. Fortunately, the same technologies powering those buyers’ journeys are also generating a wealth of data with which forward-looking companies can identify, track, and assess buyer behavior.

The report also explains that webinars are the ideal marketing engine, capable of:

  • Attracting, nurturing and assisting buyers with rich, dynamic and useful forms of content
  • Providing an array of interactive, self-guided tools for buyers
  • Generating data from content interactions to be used in creating engagement scores to enable more targeted forms of content sharing
  • Integrating with CRM and marketing automation tools

The report takes a deep dive into the reasons why webinars are the ideal tool for B2B marketers by examining how they address three distinct requirements of the modern marketing organization – content, engagement and data – to facilitate the buyer’s journey. With respect to content, MarketingProfs explains that today’s brands are expected to tell an informative, engaging story that delivers the right message to the right buyers in a form and format of their choosing.

Engagement and its role in the lead generation and lead scoring process underpin the journey by informing marketers which content resonates with potential buyers. In addition, data must be captured and evaluated in order to monitor the degree to which leads consume and engage with content. This enables delivery of the right content at the right time and shortens the sales cycle. The report further explains how key webinar features, such as Q&As, polling, related content, video, social sharing, chat and appointment setting, can be crucial to advancing the sales process.

The report also explains how webcasting allows enterprises to meet the informational needs of their prospects while capturing appropriate data for marketing and sales. Finally, it shows how webinar technology can help drive the sales process to a positive conclusion by facilitating a direct hand-off to sales teams at the point when the customer is highly informed and engaged, leading to faster closes and greater ROI for marketing programs.

Webinars are the complete marketing and sales solution, from direct engagement with buyers to accelerating the time to ‘sales handoff’ and to close,” commented ON24 Senior Director of Content Marketing Mark Bornstein. “Working with MarketingProfs, we’ve created a reference that shows marketers exactly why webinars are truly the modern way to attract, nurture and close sales leads. This white paper will be a valuable asset for marketers who use webinars and for those who are looking for a tool to drive their lead generation and nurture programs.”

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ON24 is the leading webinar marketing platform for demand generation, lead qualification and customer engagement. Its award-winning, patented, cloud-based platform enables companies of all sizes to deliver engaging live and on-demand webinars. Providing industry-leading analytics that can be integrated with all leading marketing automation and CRM platforms, ON24 enables marketers to optimize demand generation, enhance lead qualification and accelerate sales pipeline opportunities.

Additional applications for the ON24 product portfolio include virtual training, talent development and town hall meetings. More than 1,000 enterprises rely on ON24, including IBM, CA Technologies, Merck, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte, Credit Suisse and SAP. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices throughout the world. For more information, visit https://www.on24.com.

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