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Retail Solutions Inc. Hosts ON24-Powered Webinar Series

June 16th, 2014

Industry Leader Provides Best Practices for Collaborative Retail Processes

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—June 16, 2014—ON24, the global leader in webinars and virtual communication solutions, has announced that it is powering a new webinar series and virtual forum being produced by Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi), the leading provider of cloud-based, big data analytics and real-time intelligence for the consumer-products industry. The RSi program is designed to promote collaboration between retailers and CPG (consumer packaged goods) executives and provide them with easy access to information and resources without having to leave their desks.

RSi will host its next webinar, “Alerting in Action – Solving Business Problems and Recapturing Sales,” on June 18. Building on the series’ themes of data sharing and collaborative retail processes, the event will educate participants on how the sharing of retailer downstream data can be turned into on-shelf availability alerting and the value this brings to collaboration programs.

The webinar series focuses on what the most successful retailers today are doing for their collaboration programs and how retailers can create collaborative business processes with suppliers and partners to edge out the competition, streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction and drive sales.

RSi uses ON24’s patented marketing-based webinar platform to connect its global ecosystem of customers and partners and expand its reach. “ON24 allows us to have a much broader reach—we can target locally or even internationally, with a single URL,” said Laurie Speaks, Retail Solutions’ Director of Marketing.

The RSi Collaboration Forum
RSi’s webinars are hosted in its by-invitation-only Collaboration Forum virtual environment for retailers and CPG company executives. The Forum offers data sharing best practices content and features a virtual “booth” for retailers. “Through our webinar series and in our virtual environment we are showcasing our capabilities, global reach and retailer partnerships—to secure additional partners and customers,” explained Speaks. RSi decided to create a virtual environment in response to requests for a new way to approach key members of the retail community from the company’s retail business development team. “There was no way to accomplish in a typical trade show what we can accomplish in the virtual environment,” Speaks added.

Simple Reporting, Seamless Integration
ON24’s simple and easy-to-use reporting tools automatically deliver analytics on audience engagement and behavior. ON24’s flexibility allows RSi to easily change things in the environment, without requiring the expertise of a programmer. “My team and I have the ability to do it all ourselves,” Speaks reports.

The integration of ON24’s platform with the Marketo marketing automation platform is a “huge benefit,” said Speaks. “All of our campaigns go through Marketo.” This seamless integration with ON24 has streamlined the company’s marketing efforts and enhanced its attendee registration process.

“Virtual communication technology has saved RSi time and money,” said Speaks. “Collaborating through a virtual environment is much more time-efficient and eliminates travel expenses involved with in-person, live events. As the retail industry, and workforce in general, have become busier and increasingly tech-savvy, it is a natural transition to adopt this type of technology to expand our global presence.”

“It is gratifying to partner with an industry leader like Retail Solutions, expert in retail collaboration and an advocate for free data sharing,” said Lars Christensen, ON24 Marketing Vice President. “They recognize that the best way to communicate with sophisticated, forward-thinking retail executives who value convenience and efficiency is with ON24 virtual communication solutions.”

The next webinar in the RSi Best Practices Webinar Series for retail executives, “Alerting in Action—Solving Business Problems and Recapturing Sales,” is set for June 18, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

About Retail Solutions Inc.
Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) is a global provider of Big Data, predictive analytics for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. The company collects and transforms billions of data points on what shoppers are buying every day and makes it insightful and actionable for better tactical and strategic decision-making at the corporate level and in the field. RSi’s innovation and competitive edge comes from the science, algorithms and patented technology that power its cloud-based solutions. The RSi platform is trusted by more than 500 global CPG companies including Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Diageo, Heineken, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft, L’Oréal, Mondelez, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever to maximize product availability, uncover new opportunities, and drive sales. To learn more about the company, visit: retailsolutions .

About ON24, Inc.
ON24 is the global leader in cloud-based solutions for webcasting and virtual communications. ON24 offers a broad and innovative product portfolio accessible from any device and supported by industry-leading reporting and analytics. More than 1,000 organizations, including IBM, CA Technologies, Merck, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, Rosetta Stone, and SAP, rely on ON24. Applications for the ON24 platform include demand generation, customer engagement, talent development and town hall meetings. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices throughout the world. For more information, visit https://www.on24.com.