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ON24 Empowers Marketers with a 360-degree View of Customer Engagement

May 21st, 2019

With 53% of marketers reporting that it’s extremely important to have access to engagement insights from webinars, there’s never been a more vital time to collect key information from prospects and customers and turn these insights into action. That’s why ON24a technology leader helping companies create live, always-on and personalized digital experiences, today announced it is working with SAP to empower marketers with vital data to engage thoughtfully and authentically at every stage of the buying process.

The ON24 platform will integrate with SAP Marketing Cloud solution’s new event management capabilities, providing customers with a unified, data-rich hub for all their webinar campaigns. The announcement was made at SAP Customer Experience LIVE event in Orlando, Florida.

Users will get a 360-degree view into webinar details and attendee data, including their unique engagement score, all directly within SAP Marketing Cloud.

“ON24 and SAP Marketing Cloud share a vision to provide marketers with a comprehensive, data-driven perspective about prospects throughout the customer life cycle,” says Lou Pelosi, VP of Business Development & Partnerships, ON24. “This collaboration will give marketers the ability to create digital experiences that deliver a rare win-win in our industry: useful content for customers and true bottom-line growth for marketers.”

ON24 and SAP Marketing Cloud place a premium on delivering value to both marketers and prospects alike. The bridge that delivers this value is data and personalization, so digital experiences are more tailored, informative and effective. Through this partnership, customers will gain insights to help them take actionable steps to engage with customers in the right way, at the right time.

Users will be able to do the following, all within SAP Marketing Cloud:

  • Understand and measure audience interactions within a webinar, such as poll responses, questions asked and resources downloaded, and feed that data into SAP Marketing Cloud.
  • Analyze webinar behavior using the ON24 Engagement Score natively.
  • Use the ON24 Engagement Score and behavioral data to trigger actions, such as Interactions and Segmentation.
  • Unify all webinar registration data into a single view.
  • Track webinar campaign performance, including the live time, registration count and attendance statistics.