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MEDIA ALERT: Webinars that Rocked in 2012

December 26th, 2012

Make a New Year’s Resolution to ‘Rock the Webinar’ in 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— December 26, 2012—Each year, ON24 supports tens of thousands of webinars for companies all around the world. For its final 2012 webcast earlier this month, the company presented examples that highlight just how powerful webinars can truly be. The webcast, “Rock the Webinar,” featured successful 2012 customer webinars and a review of the key elements that made them stand out.

Here is a listing of the webcast’s “top ten” insights:

1) Great webinars serve the needs of both the audience and the hosts.
2) They have consoles that are well designed, with strong branding and clear messaging.
3) Integration with marketing automation solutions is provided, enhancing the effectiveness and value of analytics and leads.
4) Producers of great webinars provide the relevant content in which attendees
are most interested.
5) They offer high-level social media—such as Chatter, Twitter and LinkedIn—integration.
6) One benefit of these webinars is the ability to provide access to multiple subject matter experts participating from multiple locations.
7) To increase engagement, the best webinars take full advantage of a variety of interactivity options, including polls, social media and Q&A.
8) They illustrate the many ways to incorporate video, such as animated video clips and/or video clips integrated with slides.
9) Great webinars are also offered on demand; on-demand access significantly increases reach and the number of attendees.
10) Although certainly not required, studio “trickery” such as using a green screen recording is an option that can result in a cohesive presentation with a live look and feel.

“Rock the Webinar” (#RockTheWebinar) is now available on demand: https://bit.ly/1byfUaq

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