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As Manufacturing Digitally Transforms, Companies Turn to ON24 to Enable Channel and Build Pipeline

Benchmarks report highlights industry best practices as 86% of manufacturers say webinars lower cost per lead

August 27th, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO,¬†Aug. 27, 2019¬†/PRNewswire/ —¬†With 71% of manufacturing professionals saying that webinars help them reach target accounts,¬†ON24¬†— the leading technology company helping power manufacturing marketers — is the core pillar of the industry’s channel enablement, distributor education and demand generation strategy.

The manufacturing industry is evolving as new innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things become mainstream. But many are still lagging behind: Forbes¬†reported¬†that just 5% of manufacturing executives are satisfied with their current digital strategies. That’s why nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of manufacturing companies¬†surveyed¬†by PwC said they are dramatically increasing their level of digitization.

“With the rise of Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is undergoing rapid change. That’s why it’s critical for marketers to keep their customers and distributors informed of new industry trends and methods as soon as they develop,” says¬†Joe Hyland, CMO, ON24. “Today, we’re seeing more and more manufacturing marketers turn to ON24 as a way to efficiently deliver critical information to the channel. We’re excited to help usher in the next generation of the manufacturing industry and give these companies a scalable way to continue to build pipeline and drive revenue growth.”

To help the industry adopt these cutting-edge technologies and integrate them into their day-to-day-business, top manufacturing brands, including Schneider Electric, Halliburton, and ABB are using the ON24 platform as a key way to educate, market and deliver insights to the sector. For example, ON24 provides manufacturing companies with a range of key benefits:

  • True Marketing ROI:¬†86% of manufacturers believe that webinars help them lower their cost per lead.
  • Valuable Versatility:¬†48% of manufacturing webinars were marketing efforts, 42% were continuing education or training, and 7% were internal communications.
  • Impressive Attendance:¬†78% of manufacturing webinars saw more than 100 attendees.
  • Incorporating Video:¬†83% of manufacturing webinars incorporated video into their presentation.
  • Unmatched Insights:¬†57% of manufacturers say it’s ‘extremely important’ to have access to engagement insights.

A new¬†benchmarks report¬†released today by ON24 — analyzing more than 3,500 industry webinars across chemicals, oil and gas, automotive, electrical, and machinery manufacturing companies — provides insights into how manufacturing companies can best maximize the power of the ON24 engagement platform for their distinct needs. The report found:

  • Thursdays see highest attendance:¬†Thursday was the highest performing day for webinars, accounting for 30% of all attendance — followed by Wednesdays (23%) and Tuesdays (21%).
  • Mid-week promotional emails drive attendance most:¬†Mid-week promotional emails are the best performers, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday accounting for over two-thirds (66 percent) of registrations in the manufacturing industry.
  • Extended Engagement: Our data show the average viewing time for webinars produced by manufacturers was 43 minutes. This varied by sector, however, with chemicals seeing the highest viewing time averaging 53 minutes compared to the low of 35 minutes for automotive attendees.

Manufacturing companies can establish themselves as innovators and thought leaders by delivering insights through the ON24 platform. In an increasingly complex industrial world, this perspective is invaluable to prospects and employees alike and helps build credibility and trustworthiness in the market.

ON24 now serves more than 2,000 customers worldwide, including 40 of the Fortune 100. The company reached more than 1 billion engagement minutes in 2018 and is a global solution across industries. In addition to the top life sciences companies, ON24 now serves 9 out of the top 10 technology companies, 7 out of the 10 asset management firms, and 6 out of the top 10 accounting firms.

About ON24

ON24 is on a mission to redefine how organizations engage with their audiences, powering interactive, data-rich webinars and content experiences that help people connect on a more human level and make smarter business decisions. Through the¬†ON24 platform, marketers can create live, always on, and personalized digital experiences, understand audience behavior and turn that intelligence into action. Informed by more than a billion engagement minutes — including 12 million polls, 1.3 million surveys, 1.5 million conversations, and conversion of over 17 million resources — marketers drive more revenue from ON24 webinars than any other digital channel. Headquartered in¬†San Francisco, ON24 has a wide global footprint with eight offices in key regions, including¬†London,¬†Munich,¬†Singapore,¬†Stockholm¬†and¬†Sydney. For more information, visit¬†https://www.on24.com.

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