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Scaling Your Success

A Blueprint for Building Your Webinar and Digital Events Strategy as shared by Sr. Event Marketing Managers at SAP Concur & Workiva

Build the foundation for scale

Running a single webinar or digital event requires great planning, effort and coordination.

So how do you build the right operations, processes and people to not just execute one-off tactics, but lead an integrated digital engagement strategy that delivers success again and again?

Join Sr. Marketing Managers from SAP Concur and Workiva and explore how each has built their organization’s global webinar and digital event programs up from scratch, how they scaled their success and the lessons they learned along the way. You’ll learn:

  • How to build a scalable marketing approach that can evolve over time
  • Tips to determine the best ways to engage your audiences
  • Ways to empower a capable team to enhance results
  • What’s necessary for long-term success from aligning with sales to prioritizing resources and tasks

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Rachel Behrens

Sr. Event Marketing Manager, Workiva

Jessica Kurowski

Sr. Event Marketing Manager, SAP Concur

Tessa Barron

VP, Corporate Marketing, ON24

Get the blueprint to scale success.