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Do more with less in 2023

Join a group of marketing leaders for a peer-to-peer roundtable to meet, discuss, and exchange ideas to plan, optimize, scale and grow. Watch now!

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Join us for a roundtable discussion.


Leading marketing often feels like walking a tightrope – it takes a careful balance to hit each quarter’s targets while you’re putting the people, processes and technologies in place to scale. Now, in 2023, growth looks different. And as we face tighter budgets and greater uncertainty, how will you set up your team to drive successful outcomes this year?

Join us and your fellow marketing leaders for an interactive roundtable where we’ll exchange tips to get quick wins and share strategies to drive long-term growth. 

We’ll focus the discussion on how to:

  • Get greater alignment and efficiency across GTM functions
  • Innovate campaigns while maintaining global consistency
  • Manage organizational change while developing a high-performing team
  • Get immediate pipeline impact and build for long-term growth

Hosted by:
Callan Young, Chief Marketing Officer, ON24
Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing, ON24