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Why B2B Marketers Should Care About Their Brand

February 25th, 2020 Andrew Warren-Payne

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For B2B marketers, there’s often a source of tension between long-term goals and short-term wins. Given that marketing leaders often have shorter tenures than professionals in other departments, it can be all to easy to prioritize the low hanging fruit versus goals for the future.

This tension can often be seen in balancing out the importance of brand building versus the constant demand for new leads. So why should marketers keep their attention on their brand? Ahead of the webinar, here are a few thoughts.

Brand matters beyond pipeline and reaches further

As marketers, we can all point to examples where a key prospect has turned into a customer based on their experience of a brand. In these cases, it’s not as simple as attributing all the various touchpoints they’ve had which have led to a sale. After all, it’s hard to measure a scenario where someone says “I got in touch with sales because of a great talk I saw at a conference last year.”

Because there are still plenty of areas of the buying journey where total measurement is impossible — for example, a conversation in a meeting that leads to a purchase — the halo effect of a brand can be particularly helpful in increasing awareness and triggering buyer journeys.

Brand powers sales engagement

When it comes to closing sales, B2B marketers need interactions between sales and prospects to happen smoothly. Having a powerful brand can go a long way to improving the outcomes at this stage.

A study by LinkedIn found that the top factor behind why a B2B decision-maker chooses to engage with sales is that they represent a well-known brand — a factor above providing significant information and even referencing a mutual colleague.

While any kind of sales enablement is done by marketing will help convert more prospects to a sale, the weight the brand carries is a significant factor in whether that conversation will open up in the way it should.

Brand carries the experience everywhere

A consistent brand experience helps communicate the values and quality a company can offer well beyond its own properties. Whether it’s a webinar you are hosting through a third-party site or media partner, or a sponsored white paper appearing on a display ad, having a clear brand helps smooth the experience towards a purchase.

That’s also why ON24 makes it easy for customers to customize their webinar console. When the whole experience is an excellent one, your prospects will feel more comfortable — making sure they come back for more and open up a conversation.

Find out more tips about amplifying your brand

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