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Where is your ROI?

October 4th, 2016 Mark Bornstein

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B2B marketing has come a long, long way. Once there were only a few tried and true methods to generate leads and drive revenue. Today, there are so many tools available that it’s hard to know what technologies to use and when. And for most companies, the answer is “a little bit of everything.” Old methods such as email marketing, seminars, and trade shows stand alongside social, ABM, and predictive strategies. Marketing budgets continue to rise and often include bloated line items for expensive videos, sponsorships, parties, swag, random SEM buys, and anything else that seems like it will help. The idea being that if we do enough of everything, we will somehow hit our numbers.

That may have been fine in the past, but this is the age of the self-educated buyer, which means we will get fewer marketing touches with our target prospects, they will be harder to come by, and each interaction with them becomes more critical. So what are the best tools to use in this environment? Do we just keep trying the everything approach to marketing? The best way to solve that problem is to ask yourself, “Where is my ROI?”

Think about your various prospect interactions: when someone watches your expensive video, attends your fun party, downloads your awesome white paper, or takes some swag at a trade show in exchange for badge scan, you may have acquired a name — but what are you learning about your prospect? Does each interaction help you get them further down the buying cycle?

They key to getting the most of out of each prospect interaction is engagement, and no other tool allows more engagement than webinars. The war horse of marketing tactics, webinars are unique in their ability to help you get in front of your prospects for an hour, present rich multi-media content, and most important, interact directly with them and learn about their interests and needs. Modern webinars are interactive, social events that offer multiple content types and integrated call-to-action. The magic of these webinars is that all of the interactions that you have with your audience can be measured to provide you with behavioral data (such as time viewed, content downloaded, responses to polls and questions submitted). And, in the hands of marketers, that data is power.

But all webinars are not created equal. ON24 is the only webinar platform built specifically for marketers to generate leads and drive pipeline. We enable companies to create engagement-driven webinars that deliver deep insights into your prospects to help you find your best leads. ON24 webinars deliver higher ROI through:

  • Customized webinars that offer multiple ways to engage and interact with your prospects
  • Integrated social media applications to extend the reach of your content
  • Multiple calls to action to help accelerate prospects on their buyers’ journey
  • Webinars that are optimized for each stage of the buying cycle
  • Analytics on prospect behavior to help you find your best leads
  • Prospect data across multiple webinars that can be integrated with your MAP and CRM systems

It’s no longer about more leads. The mantra today needs to be about better leads. So maybe it’s time to rethink your marketing spend. After fully analyzing their marketing tech stack and programs, the Microsoft Azure marketing team did. They completely re-created their marketing strategy and put ON24 webinars at the front of their program. They now deliver thousands of webinars, across the buying cycle and convert 7.2% of all webinars into customers. Now that’s ROI.

So how do you increase your marketing ROI? Well, maybe it’s time to rethink that expensive sponsorship or the animated cartoon that you were producing. Double down on your webinar programs. Run more webinars, create them for every stage of the buying cycle, make them engagement-driven experiences and measure that engagement to help find your best leads and nurture them towards a sale. That’s great marketing and great ROI.

Where is your ROI? Visit the ON24 ROI microsite to watch the on-demand webinar, download white papers, and more.