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What To Expect At ON24X

June 5th, 2023 Michael Mayday

As the date for The ON24 Experience 2023 approaches, we’re excited to share a glimpse into the wealth of expertise, insight and innovation you can expect from our lineup of keynote, breakout and awards sessions. 

Designed specifically for ON24 customers and like-minded digital marketers, you’ll learn how to drive innovation in your marketing programs, deepen your ON24 knowledge and accelerate your success through actionable insights you can apply directly to your use of ON24. 

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Let’s take a look at what’s in store for you at ON24:

The State of Digital Transformation: How to Make Engagement, Data and AI Your Industry Advantage

Sharat Sharan

Sharat Sharan, CEO of ON24, will kick things off with a deep dive into the world of digital transformation. In an era where top-performing companies are gaining a competitive edge through digital, Sharat will shed light on harnessing the power of digital to drive engagement at scale, unlock insights and tap into AI-driven efficiencies.

ON24 Platform Innovation: How to Optimize Results with Personalization, Automation and Insights

Jayesh Sahsi, CTO, and Callan Young, CMO

Next, ON24’s very own CTO, Jayesh Sahasi, and CMO, Callan Young, will take the stage to discuss the latest innovations at ON24. With their deep understanding of ON24, they’ll discuss how you can use its capabilities to create and scale personalized experiences, automate content and gain insightful reporting.

Chat Has Entered the Room: What the Generative AI Frenzy Teaches Us about What Matters Most in Marketing

Ann Handley

Finally, Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and WSJ Bestselling Author, will take us through the realities of generative AI in marketing. With humor and insight, she’ll discuss the impact of AI on our careers and the evolution of our marketing programs, guiding us on how to best approach this rapidly evolving landscape.

Breakouts: The Deep Dives

ON24X 2023 Logos

After our initial round of keynotes, we’ll dive deeper into how marketers can connect and drive audience engagement through immersive and interactive digital experiences. To help you find the content you’re looking for, we’ve broken our breakout sessions into three distinct segments: 

Thought Leadership – Check out these sessions to learn how companies like United Healthcare and others use their thought leadership initiatives to drive successful digital engagement strategies. 

Demand Generation – Need to drive demand? Check out our Demand Generation track to learn what ON24 super users are doing to optimize programs, upsell products and drive results. 

Training, Certification and Enablement – Tune in to our Training, Certification and Enablement track to learn how ON24 can help you empower your sales teams and streamline your CPE initiatives. 

Check out our session details below to get a taste of what’s to come! 

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Thought Leadership

Driving Member Enrollment and Patient Engagement with Webinars​

Join Mara Lopez from United Healthcare to understand how they’ve scaled their webinar program, delivering 30+ webinars per quarter, effectively driving member enrollment and patient engagement.

Empowering CX Transformation: How UCB Elevates HCP Engagement Worldwide

Adela Shulz of UCB and Mark Bornstein of ON24 discuss how UCB created a digital operating model that enhances customer experience and interactions across all stakeholders.

How GSK Innovates Patient Education Through Digital Engagement

Dr. Angelia Drake of GSK lays out how her team is leading GSK’s ongoing digital journey to empower patients with continuous access to experts, resources and caregiver education.

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Demand Generation

Webinar Program Planning: A Blueprint for Success at Scale​

Microsoft‘s Robert Garbareno will share insights on managing webinar programs across teams, regions, and languages, providing a blueprint for global success.

Unlocking Business Results: How to Build a Global Webinar Program​

Roger Castilho from S&P Global will talk about their journey in building a global webinar program that supports multiple business units and accelerates conversion across the buyer’s journey.

From Insights to Action: Optimizing Experiences for Upsell and Net New Business

Join Orysya Birkkjaer from Danfoss to discover how they use ON24 analytics to optimize program performance, align sales and marketing, and drive conversion.

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Training, Certification and Enablement

Making CPE Easy: How to Build a Painless Process for Continuing Education Webinars​

RSM‘s Allison Hale will guide you through their repeatable model of CPE programming with ON24, sharing tips to scale across any industry and automate processes.

How to Create an Effective Enablement Program to Drive Retention and Adoption

Learn from Sarah Greisdorf at Squarespace on how to use educational webinars, rich content, and interactive trainings to drive customer retention and empower users.

Empowering Partners and Maximizing Sales: Insight-Driven Enablement​

Jessica Brady from AAA will share her experiences using ON24 to empower and train their partners, align their teams, and maximize program potential through optimized content and webinar experiences.