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It’s Time to Wake up Your Brand

June 20th, 2018 ON24

A good brand carries a lot of weight. It gives prospects and clients a name to trust, a business an identity to promote, and a name to attach to quality.

That is, of course, only if your company puts its best brand foot forward at every engagement opportunity. Every interaction needs to be high-quality and to make your company shine. Often, this means focusing your efforts on weightier content sources, like webinars, to make your brand and its values stand out.

As the front door to your brand, webinars are uniquely positioned to showcase the maturity of your organization and how it interacts with audiences from across the funnel. Often, this means empowering attendees through interactive events and giving them the ability to craft their own experiences with the brand.

Only the ON24 Engagement Platform arms organizations with the tools to produce interactive, end-to-end brand experiences that leave an impression on audiences.

That’s because when audiences attend a webinar, they’re often expecting a meeting with a presenter, a set of slides, and a half-hour or so of their lives. These are not engaging experiences, and they risk damaging your brand by making it easy for attendees to tune your message out. That lost interest impacts your bottom line. ON24 provides the tools you need to help your brand capture and retain attention across the buyer’s journey.

Virtual events are the first step to capturing audience attention — be they webinars, virtual conferences, or learning centers — and extending your brand’s values. With the ON24 Engagement Platform, colors, logos, in-event widgets and more are easily tailored to reflect the brand style or adapted to coordinate with an integrated campaign. Each element, of course, can be customized to reflect a given topic.

But, more importantly, organizations can use these events and digital tools to give audiences a genuine interaction with your brand and its values — one which puts attendees in control of their experience.

For example, attendees can use ON24 widgets — like Q&A and more — to guide the event’s conversation as it develops. Resource lists, group chats, and even idea-generating brainstorm widgets also provide another two-way street for audiences to interact with your presenters, your team, and your brand.

Deploying these interactive tools can also help your organization extend its presence across both internal and external networks. Social widgets can help thought leaders interact with an event over platforms like Twitter. Email widgets give attendees an easy way to share informative and thought-provoking events with internal colleagues. By providing such a responsive and rich experience, you extend your brand’s voice and digital footprint.

Two-way, branded conversations are critical for businesses today. It gives your organization — whether established or just gaining a foothold — an interactive and professional touch that goes beyond expectations. Exceeding expectation could be the difference between business won and lost in a crowded, competitive digital landscape.

Don’t make it easy for your audience to turn away. Learn how you can make your brand shine with ON24.

To learn more about how you can wake up your webinars and make your brand shine, head here.