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Webinar World 2019 is Coming to Sydney, Australia on May 2

April 7th, 2019 ON24

On March 11, Webinar World 2019 took to San Francisco to discuss how marketers can build engagement into their experiences and motivate audiences to take action. It, by all accounts, was a big success. So much so that we’re taking Webinar World 2019 on a global tour. First stop: Sydney, Australia.

Webinar World Sydney takes place on May 2 at the scenic Pier One Sydney Harbor, nestled underneath the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. This one-day event offers attendees the opportunity to learn from webinar experts, discover new strategies for engagement and network with APAC peers.

What kind of sessions can attendees expect? Well, here’s a small sample of the overall agenda:

Engage Smarter Not Harder: Lessons Learned in the Experience Economy

Daniel Harrison, General Manager, Customer Experience, Oracle Digital, Oracle

Digital trends, like the rise of smart mobility and social media, have made customers more aware of how they can interact with brands. Customer experience is now just as important as the actual goods or services themselves. We call this the experience economy. And guess what? Webinars are experience powerhouses.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a webinar that puts customers at the steering wheel
  • Lessons learned on using webinar data to effectively follow-up with leads
  • Why working with partners is key to deliver memorable content and reach mid-market companies

Think Global. Engage Local.

Michael Meinhardt, CEO and Founder, Cloudwords

Michael Meinhardt, CEO of Cloudwords, will take the stage to discuss how leading brands are thinking differently about how they go-to-market globally. What does it boil down to? Developing relevant multilingual content and create better conversations with current and future customers. But that’s easier said than done. Join this session to learn how marketing professionals can drive strategy for regional demand generation, revenue, customer retention and more.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The digital tools empowering language localization today
  • How a strong digital strategy enables any organization to scale globally
  • Where webinars fit into the global marketing puzzle

Building Killer Webinars with Rock Solid Process

Joanne Pok, Webinar Program Lead, Salesforce

Webinars are one of the most effective content marketing tactics that drive demand. But creating an impactful webinar involves multiple moving parts and reliance on many different teams. Important elements can fall through the cracks.

In this presentation Joanne Pok, Webinar Program Lead at Salesforce, details how she seals those cracks with a rock-solid process. Join us to learn her recipe for creating a killer webinar, including:

  • Planning, driving, and delivering: the key steps at each phase
  • Managing multiple stakeholders and streamlining webinar operations
  • Refining your strategy as your webinar program evolves

Finally, Webinar World Sydney attendees will be the first to learn what the state of play in webinar marketing in Australia and New Zealand is with the unveiling of the State of Webinar Marketing 2019 Report. Sara Gonzalez, General Manager of Digital Events at RedBack Connect, will reveal the findings of the annual research study. The study itself evaluates how APAC marketers use webinars, what success looks like for the region and how practitioners are organising resources to support their programs.

Webinar World Sydney will be a great time for APAC marketers looking to develop a strategy that’ll drive audiences to engage and take action through powerful digital experiences. To learn more about Webinar World Sydney and register, click on this link.