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Webinar World 2019: David Nihill and Why Laughter Drives Engagement

February 5th, 2019 Michael Mayday

Humor is a critical tool modern day communications, marketing and content creation. Why? Because a dose of humor can capture audience interest, making you (and your message) memorable and more persuasive.

David Nihill, speaker, author and stand-up comedian, will share his journey from a person terrified at the prospect of public speaking to an award-winning comedian at Webinar World 2019. During this keynote speech, David will explain why humor can make marketers shine, how it can add value to content and how it can help companies connect with customers on a level that inspires loyalty.

In this highly energetic, engaging and funny talk, you will learn:

  • The elements of funny by deconstructing the comedy process
  • Easy, actionable steps from world-leading campaigns, speeches and more
  • How to translate comedy principals to marketing tactics

Hear what David has to say about comedy and marketing at Webinar World 2019 on March 12 and check out his book, “Do You Talk Funny?” on Amazon.