Why Sage Intacct Turns to ON24 for Webinars

Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Demand Generation at Sage Intacct, brings ON24 wherever he goes. And we’re not kidding — Nick has, so far, brought ON24 to four different companies in his role as a demand generation expert. That’s four different products, countless audiences and a whole lot of webinars.

What makes ON24 stand apart?

For Sage Intacct, ON24 helps drive messages to every stage of the buying cycle while maintaining an engaging webinar presence for prospects. From top to bottom-of-funnel, Sage Intacct’s ON24-powered webinars provide interactive, engaging events where attendees can ask questions, download resources and see what Sage Intacct’s financial cloud can do for them.

Sage Intacct’s sales team also capitalizes on webinars, providing them with in-depth data on attendee engagement for seamless, impactful discussions and identify genuinely interested prospects and what their specific pain points are. ON24 webinars are so central to Sage Intacct’s marketing mix that Nick credits its webinar program with influencing “tens of millions of dollars of pipeline to date.”

“I would unequivocally recommend ON24,” Nick said. ”To other people like myself who are looking for a purpose-built webcasting platform that gives you deep engagement with your prospects and allows you to scale your webinar program to whatever you want it to be.”

He’s not kidding. Nick has perfected the art of scaling webinars so well that he’s led a class on account-based marketing with webinars called, “How Sage Intacct Makes Webinars the Secret Sauce at their ABM BBQ.” He’s also provided fellow webinerds with his tips and tricks at Webinar World 2018 — showing attendees how webinars can add to their overall marketing capabilities.

To learn more about why Sage Intacct trusts ON24 with its webinars, watch this video. To learn more about how the ON24 Platform can boost your marketing efforts, click here.

Why Dickinson Wright Turns to ON24 for webinars

Dickinson Wright is a national law firm providing businesses with the legal guidance needed to navigate international property, litigation and more than 40 other practice areas. To educate its clients and prospects on the wealth of legal expertise at its fingertips, Dickinson Wright uses ON24 webinars.

With ON24, Dickinson Wright has a powerful tool that educates its audience on a variety of issues ranging from proposed legislation to new trends in the law. The ON24 Platform also helps the firm’s 400-plus attorneys by guiding them to highly-engaged attendees interested in the service Dickinson Wright has to offer.

For Christine Kloka, Senior Manager, Business Development at Dickinson Wright, ON24 ease of use is crucial, as almost every attorney at the firm uses the platform to connect with and expand the firm’s client portfolio. With ON24, Dickinson Wright’s attorneys have the tools to both deliver a clean, informative and engaging webinar and follow up with interested prospects thanks to the ON24 Platform’s deep analytics and actionable insights.

For Christine, ON24’s “bulletproof” platform makes her job much easier and provide a powerful way to keep attendees coming back for more. The firm regularly sees repeat attendees coming back to Dickinson Wright webinars for the latest information, resources and expert opinion and the latest trends in the law.

Watch this video to learn why Dickinson Wright fell in love with the ON24 Platform. To learn how ON24 can boost your brand and thought leadership efforts, click here.

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