New at ON24: New Content Journeys and Post-Event Engagement

From design tools to actionable reporting, ON24’s unique features help organizations create engaging, digital content experiences. In case you missed it, we recently announced post-live content journeys, an industry first! Here’s a quick download of what we have been working on and what you can do with your updated digital experience toolkit.  

Extend the Content Journey

Engagement shouldn’t end with the webcast. Users can now invite live webcast viewers to continue to connect with the new post-live console and call-to-action engagement tool, driving ongoing engagement and moving audiences through an ongoing content journey:

  • Invite audiences to register for upcoming webcasts automatically, avoiding the registration page.
  • Lead viewers directly to the Engagement Hub for more content or to sales or product staff for follow-up.

Stream on Facebook

Leverage another channel by streaming on Facebook Live:

  • Connect all brand channels for a consistent experience.
  • Further engage by being where your viewers already are.

Obtain Feedback in Real TIme

Viewers can now engage with content in a richer way. The new Ratings and Comment feature enables audiences to like, dislike, as well as provide comments on each content piece.

Ensure Brand Consistency

We believe in easily-managed content, without the burden of confusing processes, so we always aim to make content experience creation easier. Users can lock registration fields so others can’t edit those locked fields, ensuring a consistent brand experience for audiences and data collected across programs.

Take Action with Flexible Data

As the saying goes, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” That’s why ON24 focuses on delivering the best analytics and reporting so you can always advance engagement:

  • Review Content Insights in Engagement Hub to better understand content performance and optimize the delivered content.
  • Easily assess program performance with refreshed and robust platform-level dashboards and Webcast Reports.

Integrate with Salesforce

The new ON24 Salesforce Connector is a native connector that enables sales teams to drive results:

  • Embed ON24 engagement profiles within Salesforce instances.
  • Move ON24 engagement data to lead and contact records so sales teams stay informed and win.

That’s not all! We’re always getting better. Be sure to check out our latest on ON24 Engagement Hub and ON24 Target, here.


New at ON24: Localization Gets a Power-Up with Cloudwords and ON24 Partnership

Webinar World 2019 is officially underway! As we head into another excellent engagement-packed conference, we wanted to take the time to highlight new partnerships and new ways marketers can make life a little easier. First up, let’s take a look at localization.

That’s why ON24 is partnering with Cloudwords, a leading provider of localization automation and software solutions. Cloudwords is a natural fit for the webinar community as it helps marketers engage with audiences wherever they may reside globally by making localization simple and scalable.

Cloudwords helps global marketers localize content, manage global campaigns and reduce time-to-market by connecting a marketer’s marketing systems with language service providers.

The result of this combination is a streamlined workflow allowing marketers to reduce the stress of scaling globally.

If you’re attending Webinar World 2019, stop by the Cloudwords booth in the atrium to learn more. Otherwise, check out Cloudwords here.

Hive Streaming and ON24 Partner to Power Employee Connections Across the Globe

For 93 percent of organizations, video-driven mediums, like webinars, are critical to driving effective internal communication programs. But enterprises face unique challenges when it comes to video behind their firewall — and it often comes down to a matter of security and bandwidth.

To help enterprises connect and engage with employees without massively impacting bandwidth, ON24 and Hive Streaming have partnered to develop innovations in enterprise-scale video delivery, ensuring their customers have the capabilities they need to deliver high-quality, efficient and secure video. As a part of this partnership, ON24 and Hive Streaming will co-market and advance their integration, including a joint presentation at Webinar World 2019 featuring the companies’ mutual customer, HP.

Central to this bandwidth-saving effort is peer-to-peer video streaming. To clarify what enterprise customers can expect from the partnership, we sat down with Mark Szelenyi, VP of Product Management at ON24. Here’s what he had to say:


How does peer-to-peer streaming work?

A: Peer-to-peer streaming looks at nearby PCs already viewing the same media stream and retrieves segments of the stream from these machines to reduce or eliminate additional traffic on expensive and lower bandwidth WAN connections.

Why would an enterprise be interested in this solution?

A: Enterprises are adopting peer-to-peer technologies in order to make use of solutions that demand higher bandwidth delivery of media and large file downloads to worldwide desktop PCs within their networks.

What are the advantages of peer-to-peer internal video streaming?

A: Peer-to-peer streaming relieves network congestion inside the enterprise enabling the use of high resolution video for live and on demand communications. Rather than a unique media stream for every viewer on the network, peer-to-peer technology is able to piece together the media stream from nearby PCs already viewing and reduce traffic on congested WAN links across the enterprise.

Why is network congestion such an issue for enterprises?

A: Enterprises that have grown organically and through acquisition have complex and far-reaching networks that connect to thousands and even hundreds of thousands of desktop PCs. Replacing this infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming; peer-to-peer technology provides a path to leveraging this existing investment with minimal change or upgrade.

How has the partnership between ON24 and Hive Marketing evolved?

A: ON24 continues to enhance the integration between the ON24 Platform and the Hive Streaming solution by adding support for live, simu-live and on demand webcast types as well as improving scalability and reporting for the combined solution.

Is this sort of peer-to-peer video solution unique to internal comms, or can organizations use it for training as well?

A: Peer-to-peer technology can be used across many use cases however it excels in cases where many users are retrieving or viewing the same media stream simultaneously. This is most noticeable in large, live town-halls, but can apply to training and other solutions as well.

Are there any next steps or upcoming developments in this partnership?

A: ON24 continues to improve the integration through added support for advanced features of its platform supported through the Hive solution.

Discover how ON24 empowers your organization with robust internal communications and check out its entire partner ecosystem here.

The 7 Sessions That’ll Turn You Into a Webimaster at Webinar World 2019 

It’s a long way to the top if you want to get the most out of your webinar program. But shortcuts are available. Discover the quickest way to becoming a webimaster in San Francisco from March 11-13 at Webinar World 2019. Especially when you attend the Mastering ON24 track. 

The Mastering ON24 track will arm you with the insights, playbooks and tactics you need to craft quality digital experiences that drive audience engagement and deliver actionable data. Attend this track’s sessions to learn how Oracle operationalizes its webinars for the best results, how Jackson Systems uses videos to captivate its audience and how you can run a successful webinar program all by yourself. 

Check out the tracks below to learn more: 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Integration Deep-dive with Oracle Netsuite: How to Operationalize Webinars for Optimal Results

For demand gen marketers, what happens after the webinar is just as important as promoting and holding the webinar itself. Join Oracle NetSuite’s Deniz Dondero, Director of Digital & Marketing Campaigns and Bekkah Lyman, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, for a deep-dive into using webinars to nurture leads and convert them into opportunities. Get a glimpse into the infrastructure they built that facilitates and enables it all.

You’ll come away knowing how to:

• Integrate ON24 with marketing automation platforms

• Use webinars to convert leads to opportunity

• Seamlessly operationalize the process

Time-Saving Tutorial with Joe Oliva: How to Automate Webinar Workflows through Zapier

Ever wish you had a virtual assistant to help run your professional webinerd life? Combining the power of the ON24 Platform with workflow automation software Zapier brings producing webinars a little further into our AI-driven future by automating common tasks with “Zaps,” such as sending a calendar invite when a webinar is scheduled, or sending an email alert with registration updates. Join webinar expert Joe Oliva to get hands-on with Zapier and start saving time.

You’ll learn:

• How and when to use Zaps

• Set up basic Zaps

• What Zaps are coming from ON24

Using Video with Jackson Systems: How to Captivate Audiences with On-camera Presentations

You’d think adorable puppies have no place in a webinar about HVAC controls, but the manufacturer Jackson Systems proves us all wrong by showing that making content fun and relatable through video makes a big impact, no matter the industry. Join Tyler Hershberger, Production Director at Jackson Systems, for a deep-dive into video-based webinars, from humanizing your content to mastering advanced video techniques to adding new technology.

You’ll learn how to:

• Add video to your webinar strategy

• Use video to bring content to life

• Build the right tech infrastructure for video

Everlasting Webinars with S&P: How to Maximize your On Demand Strategy

Live webinars or simul-live webinars for maximum training impact? According to S&P Market Intelligence, it doesn’t matter as long as you always make your webinars available on-demand. Join Laura Lopez, S&P’s Head of Client Education, to learn how to give your training webinars everlasting life through the right mix of interactivity features, curated playlists using ON24 Engagement Hub and constant promotion across touchpoints.

You’ll learn how to:

• Multiply attendees and engagement beyond the live webinar

• Encourage content binging using ON24 Engagement Hub

• Measure your on-demand webinar program performance

Wednesday, March 13

Repurposing your Webinars with Align Technology: How to Use a Single Webinar Multiple Ways

It’s much easier to piece together a puzzle when you can see the whole picture. The same principle applies when it comes to webinar planning — once you know all the ways you want to use a webinar, then you can quickly create and assemble all the elements. Join Align Technology’s Sr. Professional Education Manager Patricia Torres to take a step back and see how to build a holistic webinar program that can be broken into several pieces of content that serve multiple use cases.

You’ll learn how to:

• Create modular content and stitch it together with simple tools

• Gain insights from content interactivity

• Integrate multiple touchpoints into a single experience

Making CPE Easy with RSM: How to Build a Painless Process for Continuing Education Webinars

With specific learning criteria to meet and thousands of certificates to issue, continuing education programs get complicated fast. Join RSM’s Allison Snyder, Senior Marketing Specialist, to learn how the ON24 Platform helps make it easy to run continuing education webinars across any industry, from reporting to tracking to self-service certificates.

You’ll learn how to:

• Build a webinar program with CE in mind

• Optimize the ON24 platform functionalities for CE

• Roll out a CE program at your own organization

Scaling Fast with Fitbit: How to Run a Successful Webinar Program Solo

Starting anything new is tough… going at it alone is even tougher. Join Fitbit’s Rachel Yarnold, Associate Digital Marketing Manager, to hear how she quickly got the tech company’s B2B webinar program up and running, from defining the content to determining the audience acquisition strategy to owning the results.

You’ll learn how to:

• Develop a webinar strategy that scales

• Set boundaries

• Establish realistic goals and measure success

Why Sage Intacct Turns to ON24 for Webinars

Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Demand Generation at Sage Intacct, brings ON24 wherever he goes. And we’re not kidding — Nick has, so far, brought ON24 to four different companies in his role as a demand generation expert. That’s four different products, countless audiences and a whole lot of webinars.

What makes ON24 stand apart?

For Sage Intacct, ON24 helps drive messages to every stage of the buying cycle while maintaining an engaging webinar presence for prospects. From top to bottom-of-funnel, Sage Intacct’s ON24-powered webinars provide interactive, engaging events where attendees can ask questions, download resources and see what Sage Intacct’s financial cloud can do for them.

Sage Intacct’s sales team also capitalizes on webinars, providing them with in-depth data on attendee engagement for seamless, impactful discussions and identify genuinely interested prospects and what their specific pain points are. ON24 webinars are so central to Sage Intacct’s marketing mix that Nick credits its webinar program with influencing “tens of millions of dollars of pipeline to date.”

“I would unequivocally recommend ON24,” Nick said. ”To other people like myself who are looking for a purpose-built webcasting platform that gives you deep engagement with your prospects and allows you to scale your webinar program to whatever you want it to be.”

He’s not kidding. Nick has perfected the art of scaling webinars so well that he’s led a class on account-based marketing with webinars called, “How Sage Intacct Makes Webinars the Secret Sauce at their ABM BBQ.” He’s also provided fellow webinerds with his tips and tricks at Webinar World 2018 — showing attendees how webinars can add to their overall marketing capabilities.

To learn more about why Sage Intacct trusts ON24 with its webinars, watch this video. To learn more about how the ON24 Platform can boost your marketing efforts, click here.

Why Ogletree Deakins Turns to ON24 for Webinars

Ogletree Deakins is a leading labor and employment firm supporting in-house counsel, Human Resource professionals and small to medium business owners. Its range of clientele means Ogletree Deakins must be able to talk to a variety of audiences while maintaining a personable, one-on-one style of communication.

The law firm needed a digital solution that didn’t impinge on its relationships with clients. So, Ogletree Deakins turned to the ON24 Platform. With ON24, Ogletree Deakins can produce high-quality webinars that connect with clients,  push the firm’s content into attendee’s hands and affirms Ogletree Deakins’s thought leadership perspectives with webinar participants.

Best of all, for Ogletree Deakins, ON24 runs silently and reliably in the background, making it easy for attendees to download resource materials, ask questions, post to social media, review presenter profile and more — and do it all while running live webinars.  For Ryan King, Director of Communications at Ogletree Deakins, ON24’s easy-to-integrate platform and easy-to-use interface makes its the go-to scalable solution for informing and keeping clients up to date on the latest trends in labor and employment law.

Thanks to the success of its immersive webinars, Ogletree Deakins expanded its webinar footprint to more than 50 webinars in 2018 so it can cover every topic in the labor and law landscape.

To learn more about why Ogletree Deakins trusts ON24 with its webinars, watch this video. To learn more about how you can take advantage of the powerful ON24 Platform, click here.

What can a superior webinar platform do for you? Discover how webinars can boost your content marketing efforts and get the insider tips and tricks you need to succeed at Webinar World 2019.

January is Webinerd Appreciation Month

2018 was a year of accomplishments for the webinerds around the world. We saw massive community support around the globe at our Webinar World events in San Francisco, London, Sydney and Singapore. We also saw an outpouring of support for the Webinars That Rocked award-winnersAutoTrader, Octopus Investments and Promega— and its entrants. All in all, we had a lot of fun in 2018 and we have every intention of keeping the party going well into 2019.

That’s why we’re starting the year off with Webinerd Appreciation Month! That’s right, January is all about you, fellow webinerds. We’ve got a series of activities we’re launching every week that celebrate the webinerd community and offer great tips, tricks and insights for you to use. At the end of the month, we’ll cap it all off with — what else? — a party.

What’s Going On in Webinerd Appreciation Month

What exactly is taking place? Here’s a quick rundown of Webinerd Appreciation Month activities in no particular order:

Webinerds in the Wild

First and foremost, we want to bring you and other expert webinerds together in the flesh! That’s why we’re hosting Webinars in the Wild, an in-person-networking, best-practice-sharing night at an ON24 office near you. If you’re interested, make your RSVP here. Just note: Webinerds in the Wild meetups are only taking place in Charlotte, NC; London, UK; San Francisco, CA; Singapore and Sydney, Australia.

Ask the Experts Webinar

Next up, we have an Ask the Experts webinar taking place on Jan. 23 at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST). Featuring Braeden Fair, Webinar Producer at Paycom; Lisa Hackbarth, Demand Generation Manager at Outsystems; and our very own Tiffany Beddow, Senior Customer Marketing Manager at ON24, this webinar brings two of our 2018 Webinerd Award Winners together to share their expertise on building stellar webinar programs, generating fresh ideas for webinars and more. Register here.

Personality Quizzes

The webinerd community has a lot of characters in it. So many that we put together a fun little personality quiz that’ll match you up with your inner webinerd. Take the quiz and discover your webinerd personality. Click here to learn your webinerd personality!


Curious to see what 2019 has in store for webinars and B2B marketing in general? Boy, do we have the webinar for you. Our own Mark Bornstein will give you the rundown in “Webinar Marketing Predictions for 2019.” Taking place on Jan. 16 at 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST), this webinar will give you the insights to give your webinar marketing program the edge in 2019. All you have to do is register here.

Webinars That Rocked Highlights

Our annual Webinars That Rocked took place last month, but we’re still celebrating 2018’s entries! Keep an eye on the ON24 blog for more insights and inspiration from the Webinars That Rocked 2018 and out the Webinars That Rocked 2018 on demand.

We’re looking forward to a great Webinerd Appreciation Month. Keep an eye on our blog and our social channels as we issue updates throughout the month. Happy webinaring, webinerds!

Looking for great webinar guidance? Get the freshest webinar tactics and strategies at Webinar World 2019.

How Autotrader Rocks Webinars

Looking for great webinar guidance? Get the freshest webinar tactics and strategies at Webinar World 2019.

AutoTrader is no stranger to producing excellent webinars. So it makes sense that it ranked high in Webinars That Rocked 2018. As evidence of its webinar abilities, the company submitted its “New Car Webinar” for review, as it fills a unique space in the automotive industry. This one webinar helps retailers, manufacturers and internal staff to familiarize themselves with trends and insights in the automotive industry. It’s a webinar designed to inform everyone  — from junior retailers to senior manufacturers — in the industry, which means it gets a lot of viewers.


Each webinar needs a purpose, so AutoTrader uses its webinars to push for social change within its industry. The company asked a panel of its female experts to lead its webinars, respond to live attendee questions, share insights and much more. It’s one way the company is pushing for change within its industry and it’s seeing great success.


AutoTrader made expert use of its webinars, making use of nearly every interactive widget, capability and more. One of its best webinars, ”New Car Webinar,” started with a live host who introduced attendees to the webinar’s topics and promoted social discourse before cutting to a pre-recorded panel discussion. But AutoTrader’s webinar ingenuity didn’t end with a pre-recorded panel. After the recorded video ended, the company cut — live — to the same panel for questions and answers with attendees.

Great Console

Finally, AutoTrader makes excellent use of its webinar console. It integrates its calls-to-action right into its console banners and toolbar, allowing attendees to register to register for the next webinar, subscribe to AutoTrader events, and book time with the company and more.

Keep an eye on the ON24 blog for more insights and inspiration from the Webinars That Rocked 2018. Curious to see what a great webinar can do for you? Check out Webinars That Rocked on demand.

How Octopus Investments Rocks Webinars

Octopus Investments is our second-place winner for Webinars That Rocked 2018. The company, based out the United Kingdom, helps asset managers and investors make the right decisions for a variety of financial issues. For its submission, Octopus Investments shared one of its live webinars, “Grow Your Estate Planning Business.”

This webinar had two aims. First, it helped position Octopus Investments as a thought leader for financial advisors looking to grow their estate planning client base. Second, to make a topic as complex as estate planning easy to understand and interesting to follow.

The Broadcast

Octopus Investments made this happen with a combination of live and pre-recorded video. For its first section, the company gave a live introduction and primed viewers for the event. Then, the company cuts to a pre-recorded, or simulive, panel filled with in-depth, but entertaining, discussions on estate planning. Finally, Octopus Investments cut back to its hosts, live, who’d give more guidance on estate planning and answer questions attendees may have.

Great Slides

Octopus Investments also made great use of something typically overlooked: its slides. Instead of presenting attendees with information-dense, wordy slide, Octopus Investments created clean slides that gave speakers the opportunity to tell a story that connects with viewers.

The company also gave its attendees a variety of opportunities to continue learning about estate planning through its resources, console links and more. The webinar always provided viewers with an easy-to-understand next step. They could explore the company’s website, review guides or even collect a certificate for watching the webinar, should they need one for continuing education purposes.

Asking The Important Questions

Last but not least, Octopus Investments did something exceedingly rare, but essential, in its webinars. It asked its attendees for feedback. At the end of the webinar, Octopus Investments pushed a survey to viewers, asking them what was explained well, what wasn’t and what topics they’d like to see covered in future events.

Keep an eye on the ON24 blog for more insights and inspiration from the Webinars That Rocked 2018. Curious to see what a great webinar can do for you? Check out Webinars That Rocked on demand.