Feature Friday: The ON24 CTA Tool, Webinars and You

As part of our effort to extend audience content journeys, ON24 has built a Call to Action (CTA) engagement tool to drive ongoing engagement after a live or simulive webinar ends. This new CTA tool invites your live audience to continue their content journey with you.

For example, live webinar viewers can choose to register for upcoming events, automatically driving registration to upcoming events or send attendees directly to an ON24 Engagement Hub or other web destination to view more content. Finally, they can also open an email to engage directly with your sales team.

All audience interactions with the CTA tool are captured within the event report so you can track conversion and better understand your audience’s interest and intent.

How To Use The CTA tool

The CTA tool comes in two flavors, “always on” and “end of the webcast.” Both are useful in different situations. Let’s take a look at them now.

CTA, Always On

Available for live, simulive and on-demand webcasts.

With this method, the tool appears as a window in your webinar console. The colors, text, background image and CTA(s) are all fully customizable. It’s a great way to call attention to more of your awesome content and further engage visitors.

End of the Webcast

Available for live and simulive webcasts only.

At the end of the webcast, the other tools and windows will disappear, and the CTA(s) will take over the audience console. Think of it like the suggested videos you see on Netflix or YouTube. Similar to the always-on version of the tool, the colors, text, background image and CTA are all fully customizable. If you want to foster a bingeable experience, this is a great way to do it. No more dead ends!

So go ahead, jump into your ON24 engagement tool options and give the CTA tool a try. Be sure to let us know what you think!

New at ON24: New Styling, Ratings and Comments and Improved Functionality

At ON24, we’re constantly working to improve both our platform and our users’ experience with it. That’s why, every quarter, we issue platform fixes, product updates and introduce new features.

To inform you and get your feedback on our latest projects, we’re publishing a series of blogs detailing how and why we’re changing the ON24 Platform.

For this quarter, we’ve made improvements to our styling capabilities, improved Engagement Hub capabilities and made adjustments to help you deliver ongoing engagement. Let’s take a look:

Elegant User Experience

ON24 Engagement Hub now has new styling capabilities to ensure your best performing content gets the front-and-center treatment it deserves. We’ve also added two new enhancements to improve the way that content is displayed: Page Width and Featured Content.

Page Width now allows you to adjust page sizes between 990px (standard) and 1220px (wide). This allows you to display more content in your Engagement Hub. The Featured Content enhancement lets you feature select content, like high-performing assets, prominently within the Engagement Hub.


You now have more customizable capabilities with thumbnails and fonts across Engagement Hubs and Target Content Experiences. These customization opportunities ensure Engagement Hubs and Target Content Experiences can maintain unique designs across different iterations. You can also simply create unique thumbnails as needed while continuing to track global engagement and performance on all content.

Ongoing Engagement

Everyone has something to say and now they have the opportunity to say it with the new Ratings and Comments feature for ON24 Engagement Hub.With Ratings and Comments, audiences have the ability to engage with content in a qualitative way. Attendees can like or dislike content and provide feedback or comments for each piece of content.

Actionable and Flexible Data


Content Insights are now available on ON24 Engagement Hub. Like in ON24 Target, Content Insights bring helpful metrics directly into the Engagement Hub workflow to aid users in understanding their content performance and in choosing the right content for their audience.

Content Insights provides data on unique views, average time viewing content, shares, ratings and comments, and the top accounts and roles that have accessed that particular piece of content. All you have to do is navigate to the content tab and click on a content thumbnail. An overlay should pop up and provide you with the insights you need.

That’s all for now. If you’d like to learn more about the ON24 Platform and how you can get more out of your webinars, contact us and we’ll set you up. Otherwise, keep an eye on this space for more product updates, how-tos and webinar-enhancing tips.

New at ON24: New Reporting Features, More Language Options and Better Content Sharing for Your Webinars

How can you get more engagement from your webinars? Learn the tips, tricks and tactics that make webinars work at Webinar World 2019.

At ON24, we’re constantly working to improve both our platform and your experience with it. That’s why when we update our platform, we do so with an emphasis on four major areas: elegant user experiences; scalable products; tools that drive engagement; and delivering actionable and flexible data for better business decisions.

For our latest product update, we’ve crafted several new enhancements improving the overall experience of the ON24 platform. These range from easy access to services and support to improved reports, Facebook Live streaming and new language options. Let’s take a look:

Elegant User Experience

ON24’s unmatched, global, 24-hour support and services just got better. That’s because users can now order services right when they need to directly within Webcast Elite. No more digging around for support when you have an urgent request! Our ON24 Customer Services Team can assist in supporting any part of your program, whether it’s a premium event management package with a dedicated webcast manager or express monitoring and event QA.

Ongoing Engagement

First, ON24 Webcast Elite now lets you share your webinar with Facebook Live audiences, extending the reach of one of your most engaging marketing tools. We made this addition because capturing audience attention means communicating with them where they are. With this addition, you can easily extend your webinar’s reach and capture a broader audience.

Second, we’re releasing a new way for you to expand your audience’s content journey after the live webinar ends. This new feature allows you to automatically redirect your viewers to any URL after an event closes, letting you to spontaneously provide them with the relevant content they’re interested in.


Need to add more closed captioned languages to your webinars? Now you can with ON24’s new and improved language options! Our updated closed captioning feature now allows you to enter any custom language for closed captioning — making your webinars more accessible to more audiences across the globe.  

Actionable and Flexible Data

We’ve made two enhancements to our data and analytic tools across the platform. You can now subscribe yourself or anyone in your organization to automated analytics reports — taking one more task off your to-do list and giving more time to focus program optimization. All you have to do is set the timing with the new Report Scheduler tool in Webcast Elite.

Second, and in line with the first, you can now select the date range for Webcast Elite’s top-level analytics dashboard. The days of being limited to 90-days are no more. Additionally, the Webcast Elite Reports dashboard will provide you with performance trends over time, giving you a holistic view of your webinar’s performance.

That’s all for now. If you’d like to learn more about the ON24 Platform and how you can get more out of your webinars, contact us and we’ll set you up. Otherwise, keep an eye on this space for more product updates, how-tos and webinar-enhancing tips!