The Power of Rapid Campaign Deployment with Webinars

Businesses today operate in a state of constant change. Models are updated, industry standards are adjusted and new tools, techniques and products are introduced almost as soon as an organization gets the hang of an old one. Practitioners of all stripes need support to keep up with this state of constant change.

SAP customers get that support, and the fundamentals of continuous learning, with its Continuous Learning Framework, powered by ON24 Content Gateway. Built for always-on access, SAP’s Continuous Learning Framework provides visitors with a wealth of information they can use to construct their own five-step framework for understanding and learning about new software innovations.

To make its content easier for visitors to consume, SAP took its course and broke it up across six categories, each filled with the latest up-to-date information on how visitors can make their continuous learning cycle a reality. It’s a simple, but effective always-on model that helps bolster brand trust and customer experience.

Check out SAP’s Content Gateway here to see it in action and, hopefully, take home a few helpful tips. If you’d like to see ON24 helps power this experience, and what you could make on your own, head on over here and learn how we make on demand in demand.

NVIDIA’s Always-on Webinar Resource

Scaling a marketing program to address global demand isn’t easy, especially when you have a relatively small marketing team trying to address local needs in different regions. That’s especially difficult when you’re trying to make your company’s marketing human and personable as possible — a proven strategy that’s hard to scale. One approach is taking something you know how to do well and showing others how to emulate it for their regions.

For webinars, this primarily means taking an easy-to-use tool and demonstrating its features. NVIDIA, the global graphics processing unit designer, mastered this technique as it grew from a North American phenomenon to a leader in the machine learning and autonomous vehicle computing space. The company, as it explained to us recently, uses a small team to produce webinars for global regions at scale. By learning and iterating from one webinar expert, the company can use regional teams to generate live and on-demand webinars. And, with an easy-to-use content hub, site visitors can immediately access the content they need while providing NVIDIA with the insights they need to refine their content and drive pipeline.

Curious? You check out NVIDIA’s on-demand webinars here and see how it scaled its webinar program from 35 webinars in a year to more than 70 with our on-demand webinar here.