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Supporting Personalized Sales Outreach

November 20th, 2019 Jane Menyo

Today’s sales reps have to keep leads engaged from first touch to purchase if they want to shorten sales cycles. But to close a deal faster, having the information on a lead’s interests and the right content to drive effective outreach is essential.

ON24 Target can help sales provide a personalized content journey and close more deals. Reps can use Target pages to drive personalized campaigns to engage leads or provide follow-up content from previous discussions. Regardless, sales reps are put in control of the experience they’re delivering.

To deliver personalized experiences, all sales reps need to do is simply log into Target, select a layout then drag and drop in the resources they want to use. They can select resources from all your shared digital assets, including videos, PDFs, blog posts and webinars, or they can upload their own content like proposals or recorded meeting calls.

Reps can add their digital business card to the experience, creating a simple way for prospects to follow up with questions or next steps.

For sales enablement and marketing teams who want to standardize the experiences reps share, they can create templates with all the right content and creative. Then the only thing a rep needs to do is clone and share with for a particular account, and watch the engagement roll in.

Once Target pages are in use, ON24 will capture robust engagement data so you can track content performance and audience interactivity so reps can track lead interests and continually optimize information that drives successful buyer journeys.

To learn more about building personalized content experiences that empower your sales team, watch this quick demo.