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See the Next Generation of ON24 at ON24 Next

January 3rd, 2024 Michael Mayday

AI is set to transform nearly every facet of marketing and sales today. But how? 

At ON24, we’re going to dive into what’s next — from how AI will impact organizations to the next generation of ON24 itself — at ON24 Next.

Taking place on January 24, this special virtual launch event will unveil the next generation of the ON24 platform and share how you can use AI to transform your webinar, virtual event and content experiences. 

ON24 Next

So, what’s in store? Here’s what you need to know: 

What’s on the agenda

Fireside chat with Scott Brinker

How will AI affect marketing and sales teams? Join this fireside chat as martech evangelist Scott Brinker shares his insights with ON24 CMO Callan Young on how AI will transform the marketing organization, what the second-order effects of AI are and how teams can leverage AI to scale engaging experiences, drive results and deliver more customer value. 

Executive vision for intelligent engagement with ON24 CEO Sharat Sharan 

See what the next generation of ON24 has in store for you. During this session, you’ll hear from ON24 CEO and Co-founder, Sharat Sharan, on how AI is shaping the future of engagement, helping you not only deliver results for each digital experience you produce, but to use those experiences and insights to fuel more content, drive more engagement and create more personalized buying journeys than was ever possible before.

Platform deep dive with CTO Jayesh Sahasi 

So, how can you use AI to engage audiences in a whole new way? Join this session as Jayesh Sahasi, Executive VP of Products and ON24 CTO, dives deep into the next generation of ON24 to show you how one event can be so much more. You’ll learn how you can: 

  • Scale personalized experiences through segmentation and AI-generated content
  • Automate continuous engagement through AI-powered nurture pages and content hubs
  • Deliver connected insights to sales and marketing through powerful integrations

Customer Panel: How AI is transforming engagement 

Join this customer panel, hosted by Tessa Barron, ON24 Vice President of Marketing, to get practical insights into how marketing leaders can adopt and adapt to AI in their organizations. During this panel, you’ll get proven tips for driving go-to-market transformation, how to innovate within the channels and programs you’re already driving and find out how other leaders are planning for greater success in 2024. 

ON24 Next