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ON24X Awards: Celebrating Excellence In Digital Engagement

June 6th, 2023 Michael Mayday

The ON24 Experience is getting closer. Need another reason for attending? Consider our annual ON24X Awards! This awards ceremony is more than just a highlights reel: it’s your chance to see how ON24 customers take full advantage of the platform to drive amazing results. 

Hosted by Mark Bornstein, ​ON24’s Chief Webinerd and VP of Marketing, and Jason Olkowski, ON24’s Chief Customer Officer, this ceremony will give you the inspiration and insights you need to take your digital engagement strategy to the next level. Tune into our awards ceremony to see how ON24 power users leverage ON24 to achieve amazing results.  

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What awards are up for grabs? Here’s a breakdown:

Data Innovator Award

The Data Innovator Award recognizes a winner’s expert use of ON24 engagement data to uncover actionable insights, accelerate sales cycles and improve program content. To win this award, an organization must demonstrate data-driven expertise in planning, scaling and optimizing webinar and marketing programs. Keep an eye out on this category if you want to learn how leading ON24 users are increasing pipeline and accelerating conversion fast. 

Workflow Wizard Award

The Workflow Wizard Award is for the organization that successfully uses ON24 to automate core processes and scale the impact of its digital programs. Check out the winner of this award to see what’s possible with deep use of ON24 products and automation. 

Globalization Award

The Globalization Award highlights the organization that has successfully globalized and regionalized campaigns while making content accessible and engaging for different audiences. Check out the winner of this award to see how an expert ON24 user produces regionalized content through strong processes across regions while using on-demand and accessibility features like closed-captioning and translation.

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Campaign Integration Award

The Campaign Integration Award is given to the organization that uses on-demand content and the surrounding digital experience in a new, innovative way. Check this category out to learn how organizations use ON24 to strategically repurpose and scale their content and digital experiences so successful campaigns can be reused and run again and again.

Digital Transformation Award

The Digital Transformation Award is presented to an organization with the most amazing and impactful ON24 before-and-after program transformation. This is a particularly useful category to keep an eye on if you want to see how new ON24 users have scaled the output of their marketing and increased the ROI from their programs. 

Brand Impact Award

The Brand Impact Award goes to the organization that builds innovative consoles and branding experiences that are consistent and showcase what a modern consumer-grade experience would be like. Check this category out if you want to see how brands like yours can build eye-catching, thoughtful and strategic consoles that not only look good but also drive the intended actions needed to support the goals of the webinar.

Engage to Convert Award

The Engage to Convert Award is given to an organization that consistently engages audiences through innovative use of engagement tools, follow-ups, CTAs and conversion. Check this award out to see how you can use ON24 to drive audience engagement using a combination of presenters, content and tools.

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