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ON24 World Tour: Virtual Event Ideas, Inspiration and Examples

May 2nd, 2023 Michael Mayday

Do you feel like your virtual events are starting to grow stale? Are they blending together into one event with the same boring message? Trust us, we get it.

It’s time to take a break, stretch your virtual legs and see what kinds of virtual experiences are out there in the world. And the “ON24 World Tour” is here to help.

Jump into our world tour to discover a variety of virtual events to explore. In this tour, you’ll not only get to see each experience, but you’ll also learn the reasoning behind them so you can create similar experiences in your digital marketing efforts.

To get started, simply log into our World Tour and select the experience for you. You can jet off to a virtual Tarot reading, study interactive workshops that engage and train audiences or feast on a delicious experience that’ll educate you on the finer points of pasta.

Don’t have time to explore? No worries. We have a few quick summaries for you below with an array of fun virtual event ideas.

5 Stops to Check Out on Your Virtual Event World Tour

A virtual tarot reading

Okay. Let’s say you have a sizable virtual event and you want to retain attendees throughout the day.

So, what exactly can you do?

Well, running an experience like “Written In the Cards” can help by offering attendees a fun, interactive experience running alongside your virtual event – a guaranteed way to keep your audiences engaged.

An impastable-ly good cooking lesson

Audiences see a lot of the same content day-in and day-out, causing a lot of audiences to tune virtual events, and brands, out.

To get around the virtual event burnout, we put together “The Mixing Bowl: Marketers Doing the Impastable.” This virtual cooking lesson offered audiences a refreshing alternative to pure business content while crafting a shared experience.

A work-from-home workshop

Virtual workshops are a great way to create training content that can be used either live or on-demand. But how can you make it work?

“The Predictable Pipeline Workshop” was a slightly hybrid virtual event and featured a physical workbook attendees could fill out as the event progressed.

A post-show experience for engaged audiences

Do you have a large audience that’s engaged with your content? Increase their interest with a post-virtual event experience.

We created “After the Webinar” to drive further engagement with Webinar Best Practices Series attendees and help identify and accelerate prospects interested in our platform.

The event took place immediately after a WBPS episode and featured an interactive webinar console background, prizes and a fun, casual environment.

A spooky holiday experience

The solution is simple, mark down some holidays and seasonal trends in your marketing calendar and craft experiences to match.

That’s what we did with our “Hexperience,” which successfully gave attendees a fun, themed and interactive way to explore the ON24 platform.

Ready to explore? Click the image below to start your journey!