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ON24 Target: Taking Account-Based Marketing to Account-Based Engagement

February 18th, 2019

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Within five years, account-based marketing exploded onto the B2B marketing scene and has grown at an unprecedented rate. But marketers turning to the strategy are facing a two-fold problem. First, they’re having a hard time creating and driving engagement with personalized content. Second, practitioners are having a hard time applying ABM on a scale that drives real results.

(A Google Trends search for “Account Based Marketing” from 2009 to early 2019.)

These are two serious issues marketers need to solve if they wish to see success from ABM programs. According to a recent Forrester Report, 64 percent of surveyed B2B marketers in 2017 said they were either just starting, planning or not yet considering ABM. A year later, and 61 percent of respondents say they have a year of ABM experience under their belts but are still running into issues like pipeline attribution, revenue impact and scale.

This is a problem of engagement, or the lack thereof. At its heart, ABM is an engagement strategy, not a set of tactics. Unfortunately, most practitioners approach ABM as if it were a solution itself and not a means to an end.

Account-Based Marketing Must Become Account-Based Engagement

A good ABM program requires tight coordination between sales and marketing with a shared goal. Often, that goal should deepen relationships with existing clients or build trust with prospects.

But building trust requires a personal, human touch and timely, relevant content addressing a target account’s concerns. Creating such a personalized approach is difficult and time-consuming. It’s no wonder nearly 40 percent of Forrester respondents say content creation for specific accounts is the biggest ABM challenge they face. The next biggest challenge? Getting targeted professionals to actually engage with personalized content.

At ON24, we believe real engagement is key to any successful business. And we believe ABM, done right, is a fantastic strategy to drive engagement and results. To ease content personalization, and to help both sales and marketing scale ABM programs, we’re introducing ON24 Target.

How ON24 Target Drives Engagement, Deepens Relationships

ON24 Target is a personalized content solution designed to engage target accounts and deepen the relationship between your company and their business. It’s a holistic solution allowing teams to craft, distribute and measure the success of personalized content from a single system.

It’s an easy-to-use, scalable solution both marketing and sales can use. It makes personalization scalable and measurable by leveraging the content marketers already have with a platform they’re already familiar with. It’s so easy to use that a functional Target page can be created in less than 15 minutes.

A quick and easy-to-generate page provides marketers and salespersons with the time they need to focus on the needs of a persona or account.

Okay, So What Does ON24 Target Do In Practice?

In practice, ON24 Target provides marketers with the tools to craft account-specific landing pages filled with the content, messages and CTAs that have the greatest impact on an audience’s buying decision. Have a webinar, video or white paper that performs exceptionally well? Drag into your content page, customize it for your target account and show it off.

On the backend, it’s centralized, meaning marketers and salespersons can access their most engaging and high-performing assets — from webinars to videos and white papers — and use them to craft a page that resonates with a targeted persona. With a holistic content experience in place, marketers can evaluate asset performance and account engagement down to the individual level.

In essence, ON24 Target helps marketers to stop interrupting and start engaging on a one-to-one level. It enables teams with scarce resources to craft personalized content experiences and gain the insights they need to build lifetime customer relationships.

Keep an eye on this space as we walk you though ON24 Target’s features and uses — from personalization to full-fledged ABM targeting.