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What’s New with the ON24 platform? Personalized Digital Experiences.

December 6th, 2018 Michael Mayday

At ON24, we’re constantly working to improve both our platform and your experience with it. That’s why we’re always pushing out updates, issuing fixes and producing new features that you may or may not have noticed. To boost visibility around these new developments, and to get your feedback on our latest projects, we’re going to publish product updates every quarter on this blog. Everything, from new features to new categories to newsworthy milestones, will be made available here for you to digest as you see fit.

For our first product update, we’ll discuss major upgrades to our personalized engagement product, ON24 Target.

What’s ON24 Target?

ON24 Target helps build customized, engaging content experiences and is an ideal tool to scale account-based marketing efforts. It does so by guiding self-educated buyers to the most relevant content, helping you to accelerate purchase journeys and improve conversion rates.

What’s New with ON24 Target

New Tools for Better User Experience

To start, we’ve improved the overall workflow and navigation in ON24 Target so users can easily create custom content experiences. This includes new capabilities to the styling tab in the content experience build, which lets Target users easily design and customize each individual content experiences for brand consistency and accurate storytelling.

More Tools for More Scale

Have a hyper-targeted content experience you need to customize? Need to make a new banner fast? Try our new banner editing tool, which lets you create banners directly on the content experience builder – no more relying on in-house or agency design teams!

Make campaign tracking easier with our new campaign code tracking feature located in the attributes tab in the content experience builder. With the new campaign code field, you can now track metrics on each content piece within any content experience — whether it’s a webinar, video or .pdf. This feature also lets unique identifiers on each piece of content to track back to your marketing automation platform — making for easier content tracking and analysis.

Ongoing Engagement

See how your content is performing with attendees with our new content insights and ratings and comments features. Content insights present helpful metrics such as number of views and number of minutes viewed so that users can identify their best performing content and leverage it for other content experiences or programs. Ratings, comments and customizable CTAs ensure your audience remains engaged by giving them the opportunity to engage directly with your brand and content.

Actionable and Flexible Data

We’ve reimagined Target analytics altogether! We now have a brand-new analytics dashboard that includes new actionable data insights to inform and guide your ongoing program and optimize content.

As a celebration, we’re collecting new data points to make this the analytics dashboard shine. The new data includes: Page Views; Unique Visitors; Content Views; Average Engagement (mins); Inbound Engagement; the total number of times attendees have submitted or acted on your CTAs; and Experience Performance.

Finally, the analytics dashboard will also offer two new dashboard tile for you to use: content performance and engagement by role. The content performance tile displays your top-seven assets across all content experiences — giving you the opportunity to identify which content works and why. The engagement by role tile, similarly, gives you insights into the people engaging with your content experience by showing the top seven job titles and the average engagement minutes by title.

That’s all the product updates we have for you right now but keep an eye on this space for more ON24 product updates, how-to guides and webinar best practices. Until then, happy webinaring!

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