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New at ON24: New Conversion Tools, Enhanced Caption Editor, Marketo Connector Now Available and More

September 4th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

Today’s businesses must optimize their digital sales and marketing channels to engage with audiences, capture actionable insights and drive revenue. The ON24 platform enables marketers to accomplish just that. Our latest product innovation launch brings with it some big changes that’ll improve user ability to better convert audiences into buyers.

We are excited to launch new ON24 Conversion Tools, enabling marketers to tap into audience-led buying journeys, and provide opportunities for prospects to signal their own buying interest. Armed with this data, marketers can identify quality leads for sales and take immediate action to drive revenue velocity and program efficiency.

New ON24 Conversion Tools to Track Buying Signals

Measuring audience conversion is the most powerful way to prove ROI on programs that you run, and we want to enable you to easily and effectively do so. ON24’s new Conversion Tools empower you to engage audiences on the front end to capture buying signals. On the back end, these tools let you track and report on those buying signals.


The first two conversion tools we’re launching are Book Meeting and Request Demo. These Conversion Tools, found within Webcast Elite, are flexible to your needs. You can customize them not only with your branding, but also based on the action that you want your audience to take, whether that’s booking a meeting through a calendar tool or registering for a demo via a registration page. When an audience member self-identifies buying interest by clicking a tool, you can track that intent and deliver those buying signals to your CRM, marketing automation platform or other business systems.

Enhanced Caption Editor to Ensure Accuracy and Make Webinars More Accessible

We’ve also made significant enhancements to your ability to leverage and correct your webinar’s automated captions. The on-demand caption editor now includes a side-by-side media player so you can easily listen to the audio as you edit the captions. In addition to fast-forward and rewind options, you can also jump to a certain part in the media by clicking on the timestamp or a specific word in the text. With this enhancement, you can finalize the captions easily and efficiently so that deaf or hard of hearing audiences (or those just in a loud space) can follow along and engage with your content.

Marketo Connector now Generally Available

We are excited to announce that the ON24 Marketo Connector is now generally available! Not only does it have an easy-to-use interface allowing you to easily configure the integration, but you can also transfer more than 50 data points on your audience, including the new buying signals to trigger action. Additionally, the faster data-sync enables accelerated workflows.

There are many more new enhancements in this release and in upcoming product releases, so check back as we continue to announce more features that enable you to scale programs and engage audiences, measure impact and track buying signals.