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New at ON24: Increased Accessibility, Effortless One-Click Registration and Much More!

October 11th, 2019 Stephanie Dang

At ON24, we are committed to delivering digital experiences that are not only interactive and scalable but also easily accessible. So for Q3 2019, we are extremely excited to announce more capabilities and tools that ensure users continue to scale their programs and engage even more audiences.

Here are just a few highlights on what’s been cooking over here at ON24:

Increase Accessibility with New Automated Captioning

More than 5% of the world’s population are hearing impared. That equates to approximately 466 million people for whom you can tailor content. On top of that, even the hearing population is demanding more accessibility options. In today’s global economy, there is more need to scale programs to other countries and languages. And more and more individuals are watching your content while commuting, at work or anywhere where they want to option to choose whether audio is on or not. ON24 is excited to formally release auto-generated captioning with 12 languages supported for speech-to-text. Our new captioning technology allows users to:

  • Easily make changes to your on-demand captions with the new in-app editing tool.
  • Download your caption files in VTT file format to make changes in a different or preferred editor.
  • Control whether captions are shown to viewers by default or allow viewers to choose to view captions.
  • Auto-translate your captions to up to 62 languages.

Reduce Barriers to Ongoing Content Consumption

Related and recommended content and one-click registration can now link the experience between Webcast Elite and Engagement Hub, making viewing all of your content easier for your audience. By leveraging the new one-click registration feature, audience members only need to register once to access a webinar hosted in an Engagement Hub. After, they can easily register for all upcoming webinars with a single click without the redundant experience of a full registration page. Not only do you eliminate barriers to entry, but you also get unified registration information on your audience.

New registration page and content landing page designs within Engagement Hub also now boast related and recommended content sections which encourages ongoing content consumption. You can now display recommended and related content to ensure the right content is delivered to your audience at the right time while interest levels are high.

More Flexible Reporting

Engagement doesn’t end with a live webinar. With automatic on-demand, Engagement Hub, Target and other channels, many webinars see more viewership after the live date. To support efforts in understanding all your audiences, we’ve added more controls enabling you to better understand behaviors between live versus on-demand audiences.

  • The Webcast Intelligence Report has been redesigned to break out audiences via three sections: Summary (overall numbers), Live Performance and On-Demand Performance.
  • On the Webcast Intelligence Report Audience page, you can now filter and segment by registrants, attendees and no-shows.

We aim to ensure marketers are building the best digital experiences. Be sure to check out our Webinar Best Practices Series for tips and tricks to optimize your programs. And keep checking back in for more enhancements and new tools!