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New at ON24: Better Navigation, Journey Tracking and New Media Management

July 1st, 2019 Stephanie Dang

A transformation is underway! For the second quarter of 2019, we’ve introduced new improvements that deliver a better user experience to the ON24 platform. These new enhancements are designed to help you to create the most engaging digital experiences.

Here are some highlights on what we’ve been working on:

Build Digital Experiences With Ease with the New Navigation and Workflows

We’ve been working on improving our user interface and workflow to drive efficiency. Our improved UI not only is more pleasing to the eye, but also eliminates any annoying searches for the items you need. Users can easily access the entire product suite to seamlessly manage digital experiences.

Drive Efficiency and Scale Programs with the new Media Manager


We’ve also introduced a robust new tool where users can easily upload, manage, edit and publish content that’ll be used across ON24 Engagement Hub(s) or Target pages. By organizing and accessing all content pieces in one place, you save time, get rid of redundant workflows, and, most importantly, scale programs. All the features in the new Media Manager tool are focused on enabling users to efficiently make new content experiences and engage more audiences without exhausting more resources and time.

Easily Provide Closed Captioning to Expand Audience Accessibility

You may have attendees who are hard of hearing or may be in a loud space when trying to connect to your webinar. To ensure audiences can engage with your content at any time, we’ve introduced automated closed captioning. When a live webcast goes on-demand, a closed captioning file will be automatically created, allowing on-demand viewers to choose to watch with closed captioning right from the media player.

Increase Business Impact Using Prospect Engagement Profile Enhancements

Prospect Engagement Profiles now have even more valuable prospect intelligence data for you to use and act on. These new data segments help you to:

  • Easily send a list of Recommended Content the prospect, based on their activity, enabling sales teams to continue a prospect’s content journey and to have better conversations.
  • Continue conversations through the new content journey chat, which consists of all the content that the lead has engaged with, when they viewed the content and engagement levels for improved and well-informed nurturing and follow-up.

We’re always working to improve the ON24 platform of products so both our users and their audiences stay engaged and have a great experience. Stay tuned to stay abreast of what else we’re cooking up!