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Meet the #Webinerd: Franco Coniglione

July 11th, 2019 Michael Mayday

A lot goes into being a #webinerd — even if you’re relatively new to the movement. Webinerds plan marketing campaigns, courses, programs and much, much more. They even — as this week’s featured #webinerd does — help professionals train and learn more about their industry.

Franco Coniglione comes to us from Austin, Texas, and is the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ certified webiexpert. His job other than being awesome? Simple: set up, run and help anti-fraud professionals understand the latest deceptions out there as the organization’s E-Learning Specialist.

But Franco does more than digital coursework. He also connects with subject matter experts in the anti-fraud field, organizes online conferences and develops webinars and well.

What else is there to know about Franco? Check out our Q&A below:

To you, what does it mean to be a webinerd? 

To me, a  webinerd is an expert in organizing, marketing, producing, managing and training webinars.

What app or tool can you not live without?

Asana – Project management tool.

When you’re not in the office, you’re… 

Hanging out with my beautiful wife, pulling back a bow and arrow, fishing and/or hiking.

What is one of your career highlights? What are you most proud of in your career thus far?

One of my highlights would be receiving a promotion from a Member Service Representative to E-Learning Specialist (Webinerd). In 2017, I managed, organized and executed our first ACFE Virtual Conference (video live-stream).

What do you love about ON24?

The webinar platform is very robust, easy to use, user-friendly and customizable. ON24 is always willing to listen to my feedback and help with any issues I run into.

How has the ON24 webinerd community helped you? 

It helps me with learning about what other organizations are doing with their webinars. Also a great place to get advice on certain setups and useful tools and widgets.