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Meet ON24: Josh Levy, EMEA Sales Lead for ON24 Forums

August 19th, 2022 ON24

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Meet Josh Levy, Sales Lead for ON24 Forums on the EMEA Acquisition team based out of London! To find out more about Josh’s experience at ON24, some of his favorite projects and memories, and what he believes to be unique about ON24.

What is your position and what team are you a part of at ON24?

EMEA Sales Lead for Forums on the EMEA acquisition team.

How did you hear about ON24, and what drew you to join?

I had previously heard about ON24 from several friends who work in marketing.  They were using the platform themselves in their respective businesses. What really drew me in though was the ever-increasing need of the ON24 platform for marketers and sales teams, as well as our positioning of engagement and data.

It’s something every business needs today and really is unmatched by any other platform out there. It was a no-brainer and I’m glad I decided to join.

How long have you been at ON24?

18 months.

 How has ON24 evolved since the time you joined?

It’s amazing to see how the business has changed and how our products have evolved since joining. It’s one thing to say a company takes on feedback, but it genuinely seems like the MO here. When we hear product feedback from our customers, we take it on board.

What have been some of your favorite projects you have worked on at ON24?

There have been several, but my favorite must be the current project I am working on. I am working across EMEA to help position and sell our ON24 Forums product. Working across multiple teams has been so rewarding and I am thankful for the opportunity.

How has ON24 helped you with your career development?

It is an understatement to say working at ON24 has helped my career development. From initially starting as an Account Executive and working with sales leaders who helped hone my sales process to being promoted to the current role I am in now, I have to say the experience I have accrued here in just 18 months is beyond what I anticipated when joining.

What has been your favorite ON24 memory?

Hands down the first time meeting my ON24 colleagues face to face after lockdown had ended. Never forget how surreal that day was!

What excites you most about ON24’s future?

Data and engagement are only going to become more important for business. Moreover, with 80% of B2B interactions going online, platforms like ON24 are going to become an absolute necessity.

What advice do you have for prospective ON24 candidates?

Self-motivation and a drive to try your best are key. If you have those, you will thrive at ON24. Simple as that.

What is your proudest moment as an ON24 employee?

It is typical but it has to be that first sale. There are bigger moments, for sure, but you just cannot get over the first time you do that at ON24. The celebrations from your team and your manager are just second to none.

What is unique about ON24?

The really unique way the team works together but equally independently. I absolutely love how senior members trust you to just get on with things. That said, when you need support or guidance, they are there to help.

What has your experience been like adjusting to a fully remote environment?

Good for me. Arguably, I’ve become more productive with the onset of remote and hybrid working. ON24 offered help with my home office set-up, which made things a lot easier.

If you could switch your role with anyone else in the company, who would it be and why?

Mark Bornstein and his awesome webinars. Coming from a broadcast journalist background in my early 20’s, I still love any opportunity to get in front of a camera and present something!

Why should those in the Acquisition field be interested in joining ON24?  

ON24 has some of the beck technology in the market today. If you want to have conversations with some of the biggest businesses in the world while being well rewarded for doing well, ON24 is where you need to be.

Interested in joining the ON24 team? Click here to review our career opportunities.