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Meet ON24: Cody Broughton

September 10th, 2021 ON24

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Meet Cody Broughton ‚Äď one of our Senior Managers of Customer Success Operations based out of Charlotte. Since joining the team in 2013, Cody has seen ON24 evolve over the past eight years and has had his share of achievements, even playing a role in helping ON24 go public earlier this year! Read about Cody’s journey to ON24 and some of his proudest moments as ON24er below.

What is your position & what team are you a part of at ON24? 

I am the Senior Manager of Operations, and I am part of the Customer Success Operations/Revenue Operations team here at ON24.

How did you hear about ON24, and what drew you to join?

I had a friend that was working part-time at ON24, and he encouraged me to apply. I needed something more consistent and was open to any job opportunity that would take a chance on me.

How long have you been with ON24? 

I started at ON24 in October of 2013, so approaching eight years here! I’m looking forward to hopefully becoming the youngest employee to reach ten years!

How has ON24 evolved since the time you joined? 

ON24 has completely changed since I joined. Elite was barely a product we sold as most of our business at the time was either Full Service or VE-related.

What have been some of your favorite projects you have worked on at ON24?

I’m a core member of the Quote to Cash team whose main goal in 2016-2017 was to help the company go public. So this past February, when we finally did, was a big moment for the entire QTC team and me.

How has ON24 helped you with your career development? 

Before working at ON24, I delivered pizzas and parked cars for a living, so I’d say working at ON24 has helped my career tremendously. I’ve learned how to be a better professional and learned that anything is possible with a strong work ethic and sometimes a little push.

What has been your favorite ON24 memory?

My favorite ON24 memory was when we announced we were going public. Knowing that I was a part of a team specifically working towards that goal and finally hitting it is a tough moment to beat.

What excites you most about ON24’s future?¬†

Since I’ve been here, the company has grown a lot, and I, too, have grown up so much right alongside it. Seeing how much we’ve accomplished in such a short time makes me incredibly excited for the future‚ÄĒfor myself and my career at ON24.

What advice do you have for prospective ON24 candidates? 

If you come prepared to learn with a willingness to push yourself, your opportunities are endless.

What is your proudest moment as an ON24 employee? 

My proudest moment was when I won the Customer Success Teammate of the Year award in 2017. To be recognized by my coworkers and managers like that makes all the hard work worth it.

What is unique about ON24? 

ON24 is the only place I’ve heard of that has the perfect balance of flexibility and professionalism. At ON24, it’s all about the business. But there’s also an environment tailored to your needs as long as you take care of what you need to do.

What has your experience been like adjusting to a fully remote environment? 

I technically was fully remote before COVID, so not much of an adjustment for me, thankfully.

If you could switch your role with anyone else in the company, who would it be and why?

I wouldn’t switch with anyone. My position did not exist before I was hired for it. There was no blueprint to work from, no training to follow, or anything. Because of that, I have somewhat evolved my position to fit perfectly for me. What once was a one-man operations team is now a global operational pillar at ON24, and I couldn’t be more proud of that.

Why should those in the customer success field be interested in joining ON24? 

This company has grown so much and is only going to keep doing so. I started from the very bottom and worked my way up with¬†zero¬†experience. The leadership here promotes hard work with a flexible and successful work environment. That’s hard to beat.

Interested in joining the ON24 team? Click here to review our career opportunities.