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Meet ON24: Bridget Murtagh, Commercial Account Executive at ON24

June 24th, 2022

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Meet Bridget Murtaghone of our Commercial Account Executives for the Sales organization based in Charlotte! Read on to learn more about Bridget’s experience at ON24 and her favorite takeaways in her current role.

What is your position and what team are you a part of at ON24?

I’m an Account Executive on the Commercial Sales team.

How did you hear about ON24, and what drew you to join?

I found out about ON24 through a LinkedIn job posting. I realized I had a connection through a friend of a friend working on the sales team and reached out to chat about his experience.

Immediately, I was really drawn in by the great culture that was very apparent in my conversations. But, aside from that, I was excited to be a part of the growing MarTech category.

How long have you been at ON24?

I’ve been with ON24 since July of 2020.

How has ON24 evolved since the time you joined?

Since I joined, we’ve evolved exponentially. We’ve gone public as a company, grown our headcount within multiple departments, adjusted to the recent market shifts and added new products to our platform suite.

What have been some of your favorite projects you have worked on at ON24? 

In my role, I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet and work with many individuals with different life experiences than my own. It’s been my favorite part of the job to work with people in different roles, regions, and industries. That’s part of the reason I chose Sales in the first place!

How has ON24 helped you with your career development?

I’ve gotten to work with some pretty amazing colleagues and leaders in the last two years. In a role like outbound sales, some of the best places to learn are from the people next to you doing the same job (figuratively, of course, thanks to Global Pandemic). This experience has helped me with career development because I’ve gained so many first-hand practical tips and knowledge that I can apply to almost any career.

What has been your favorite ON24 memory?

My favorite memory is when our team was able to get together for the first time in November of 2021. We did our QBRs in person at our Charlotte office, and that was the first time I’d gotten a chance to meet almost everyone I’d been working with for the last year. We had a fantastic time exploring Charlotte and working together!

What excites you most about ON24’s future?

I’m excited about how we will continue to adjust to the market change over the last 24 months. It doesn’t seem like the digital-first shift is slowing down anytime soon, and as a market leader, I know we’ll be at the forefront of helping organizations not lose their momentum. I’m also excited about the prospect of adding more female sales reps to the team! 🙂

What is your proudest moment as an ON24 employee?

My proudest moment was in January of 2021 when I sold the largest deal of my career and, at that time, of our Commercial Sales organization. I enjoyed working with the team we were partnering with, which made the job much more rewarding.

What is unique about ON24?  

Aside from the product itself being unique from any other on the market, as a company and a sales organization, we have an extremely collaborative approach to success, which I value in my day-to-day.

What has your experience been like adjusting to a fully remote environment?

Adjusting to fully remote has been interesting because previously, I was used to having coffees and lunches with teammates, meetings in conference rooms, offsites to meet clients, etc. As anyone who had to make the shift would probably agree, it was definitely a bit difficult at first, but after a while, I got into a good routine and now enjoy it.

If you could switch your role with anyone else in the company, who would it be and why?

I’d be interested in switching roles with a Solutions Engineer. I find their roles fascinating because while they’re focused on the platform and the technology specifically, they still get to work with clients in a different capacity. We have an excellent product, and they get to really dig into it and help harmonize how it can work across many other use cases.

Interested in joining the ON24 team? Click here to review our career opportunities.