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Making Sense of Tax Reform For Clients – How Firms Can Use Timely Issues to Broadcast Their Expertise

January 18th, 2018 Samantha McKenna

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard from multiple sources that webinars provide concrete proof that your lawyers are smart, proactive, and easy to work with – and this is especially true when your team presents need-to-know information that responds quickly and meaningfully to pressing issues of the day.

Case in point: this Lextalk webinar featuring three lawyers from Steptoe & Johnson discussing the impact for U.S. businesses of the comprehensive tax reform legislation currently being reconciled in Congress.

It’s timely

It’s probably safe to say that – of all the issues currently facing corporate America – tax reform is the one keeping most in-house lawyers and business executives up at night.

the speed with which you act on such topics is a key to differentiating…

Changes to the Tax Code will affect every single company with operations in the United States for years to come, and Lextalk and Steptoe & Johnson clearly understand that urgency. They’ve acted upon it. Not only that: they acted quickly. In this age of rapid fire information, the speed with which you act on such topics is a key to differentiating your lawyers from others in competitor firms.

It’s concise. 

A 30-minute overview of the most significant issues is just the right amount of time to demonstrate the substantive expertise of your team and communicate what needs to be said. It forces your lawyers to stay on point, to limit themselves to questions that are relevant to most viewers, while at the same time validating your understanding of the issues and ability to answer any specific questions a particular client or prospect may have.

It’s on demand.

Lextalk and Steptoe & Johnson allow clients and potential clients to fit it into their own schedule. That’s the right message: we know you’re busy, and we won’t force you to choose between lunch and learning. They’ve presented the essential elements of Tax Reform in a webinar that anyone can access at any time, when it’s convenient for the viewer. They’re providing added value already.

This is a great model for any firm wanting to respond quickly to current events and showcase their expertise with the depth and immediacy that webinars allow. And it’s a model that all firms should follow to position their lawyers as thought leaders.

Because whether they’re faced with tax reform or immigration or changing industry regulations, your clients have questions today about tomorrow’s legislation. Business owners can’t wait until the ink is dry on a new law to start planning. They need to anticipate, to identify risks, to begin allocating resources right now. Of course they appreciate that your lawyers don’t have definitive answers. Of course they know that nothing is written in stone until it’s final. Of course they’re used to operating on limited information, to making decisions based on the best knowledge they’ve got. But they can’t wait to understand what’s at stake.

That’s where you come in, with a series of programs that frame those issues and provide context on their impact – and in which your lawyers can be heard, seen, and understood as the subject matter experts they are.