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Make the Right Impression With Personalized Experiences

February 26th, 2020 Jane Menyo

Every day, audiences are bombarded by advertisements. The average person online is faced with more than 1,700 video and banner ads each month. These ads are ineffectual, and often end up annoying customers and driving them away.

In fact, a study last year from Kantar found that 54% of buyers objected to online ads and 55% were apathetic towards seeing advertising content. Another 70% said they see the same ads repeatedly and only 11% actually enjoyed viewing them.

With all this oversaturation, how are marketers supposed to create the right impression with the right audience at the right time? The answer lies in personalization.

What Buyers Are Looking For

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Buyers are looking for a sense of connection in a digital world. People want to be recognized as individuals with unique preferences and tastes — not as usernames and account numbers. Personalization signals to buyers that they are heard, and that their needs are valued.

In the B2C space, customers are accustomed to ads matching searches and clicks. B2B customers are often left out of this online trend, but they, too, crave a more connected experience during their buyer journeys.

How Personalization Shapes B2B Buyers

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An Epsilon survey found the appeal for personalized content is so high that out of 1,000 buyers, 80% of respondents said they were more likely to do business with a company if it offered tailored experiences and 90% said they found personalization highly appealing.

When it came to actual purchasing behavior, transactional analysis showed buyers were 10 times more likely to become a valuable customer — making more than 15 transactions in a year — when presented with personalized messaging. These buyers who rated companies high for personalized experiences also made purchases three times more frequently.

Drive Personalization with Targeted Messaging

Personalized — or one-to-one marketing — combines data and analytics to deliver targeted brand messages to individual clients. Today’s digital engagement tools are so sophisticated that marketers can create online experiences completely customized to the interests of individual buyers, and they can evolve those experiences with ongoing feedback.

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