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The Many Types of Webinar Email

July 13th, 2023 Jack Wildt

It takes a lot of emails, correspondence, time, and effort to get an audience in front of a webinar. Let’s take a look at the emails you need in your repertoire to ensure you can get people engaged.


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Confirmation Email (Operational)

The initial webinar confirmation email is the most critical email for a webinar and is the best type of webinar invite email for acquiring new customers. If you had to, believe it or not, you could survive with only the confirmation email. A confirmation webinar email must include the title, time, date and link to access the webinar. I heavily encourage including Outlook and Google Calendar links that allow registrants to add an event to their calendars. Confirmation emails are also a great chance to serve up related content that registrants can view “while they wait.”

Reminder Email(s) (Operational)

Like most things, reminder emails take some testing to hone in, particularly since you do not want to pester your potential customers. What we have found to work the best is a note from the speaker a day or two before the webinar to remind registrants that they are registered and to attend the event.

We also send a second reminder at the start of the webinar announcing the event is underway. This reminder looks very operational. Take a look.


HTML Promo

This one is pretty straightforward, a standard promotional email using your email template. I suggest having a link in the banner, at least two in the copy and, of course, a button.

Text Promo

We find that alternating between text and HTML promo emails seems to work the best. Different people respond to different types. Generally, text promos are sent from the speaker of the webinar and treated as a letter to the recipient.

Post Event

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Attendee Follow Up (Operational)

Since the recipient has already attended the webinar, the webinar follow-up email is your chance to offer much related content. Thank them for attending and include a way to watch the webinar on-demand, but prioritize your focus on what they can do next.

No Show Follow Up (Operational)

I believe that the goal of the no-show follow-up is to convince the recipient to attend the webinar they missed. We like to remind them that they registered for the webinar and that it’s now accessible at any time. We also recommend including a recap of what the webinar was about and the content it covered. And, of course, a link to access the webinar. Keep it simple.