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How Wolters Kluwer Attracted its Largest Webinar Audience Ever with ON24

April 15th, 2021 Jade Shojaee

Wolters Kluwer is a leading global provider of clinical decision support and educational resources for thousands of hospitals and universities and millions of individual customers. The company helps stakeholders make critical decisions by providing expert solutions that combine deep domain knowledge with specialized technology and services.

Leading through turbulent times

When the COVID-19 pandemic first unfolded, medical professionals, elected officials and the general public had to make critical decisions with not a lot of data. Best practices had to be formed overnight and policy decisions needed to be informed by the latest findings.

To keep  essential personnel in the know, Wolters Kluwer decided the best course of action would be to create an informative webinar filled with the latest data and treatments for COVID-19.

So, using the ON24 platform, Wolters Kluwer created “Calming the COVID-19 Storm: Delivering Effective Clinical and Nursing Care.” The webinar showcased a panel of noted infectious disease experts who shared information on best practices that clinicians could use to treat COVID-19 patients and optimize outcomes.

Record breaking audience numbers

Calming the COVID-19 Storm drew the largest audience of any digital experience that Wolters Kluwer had ever produced. Out of 6,791 total registrants, 2,381 attended live and 3,055 more watched the webinar on-demand.

This was the first time an on-demand audience exceeded live views for one of the company’s virtual events — a nod to the immense value of being able to tune into a digital experience whenever, from wherever.

New leads and content types

In addition to achieving its primary goal of educating bedside hospital clinicians and caregivers, Wolters Kluwer’s digital experience successfully promoted subscriptions to one of the company’s nursing resources (

The webinar also helped the organization capture top-of-funnel leads for the other related products it sells to hospitals and medical and nursing schools.

Engagement tools within the ON24 platform were critical in enabling effective cross-promotion and awareness of Wolters Kluwer’s related products and services. The company’s digital experience console featured 10 engagement tools to drive audience engagement during the webinar.

Wolters Kluwer received such an overwhelming response to live Q&A during Calming the COVID-19 Storm and to the post-event survey that the company used the interaction data from the digital experience to create a new five-part spinoff podcast series.

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