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How SAP Concur Rocks Its SMB Webinars

January 31st, 2019 Michael Mayday

Our annual Webinars That Rocked event lets the webinar community reflect on last year’s top-tier webinars and provides them with inspiration for their own programs. So far, we’ve gone through great panels, fantastic slides and the elements of delivering great webinars.

When it comes to webinars, there are those with high interactivity and those with low interactivity. Typically, webinars with high interactivity stand out and perform better. And SAP Concur’s webinar, “Tips & Triumphs from SMB All-Stars,” is a case study in why.

SAP Concur Uses Killer Targeted Opening Videos

Let’s start at the beginning. SAP Concur uses a rare, but impactful, tactic: it provides viewers with an opening video. Opening videos are an easy way to quickly share relevant information about how to interact with a webinar, recount an ongoing series or point attendees to useful resources or websites not listed. They can also give viewers an impression of who you are as a company, provide customer testimonials and much more.

And that’s precisely what SAP Concur did. Its audience, SMBs, saw a video promoting the company’s Celebrating National Small Business Week. The video was tightly aligned with its target audience and provided a great lead to the main content — an in-depth discussion with successful SMB owners.

SAP Concur Keeps Its Webinars Interactive

SAP Concur ensures its attendees have every opportunity to interact with the webinar they’re in. The team provides attendees with opportunities to ask questions, take a survey, interact with panelists over LinkedIn and email and provides a variety of resources to download.

Why the focus on interactivity and why is it so important? Because executing on interactivity well keeps audiences engaged with your content and reduces the risk of them checking emails and more — which is easy to do in today’s hyper-connected world.

Useful, Always-available Housekeeping for Attendees

Housekeeping, when it comes to webinars, means guiding audiences through webinar basics tools. It lays out what attendees can interact with  — like Q&A, Twitter chat and more — how, and, sometimes, what they can expect to see later on in the webcast. Usually, housekeeping is the first thing presented to an audience.

SAP Concur did something different. Instead of offering housekeeping upfront, and interrupting the flow of the event, it used two pop-up tools to explain how attendees can interact with the webinar. These tips were available throughout the whole broadcast and made for a remarkably user-friendly webinar for a potentially non-tech savvy audience.

Instantly Available, Relevant CTAs from SAP Concur

The resources tool is one of the most popular and most used engagement tools on our platform. Often, it’s used to provide relevant, impactful information for attendees to consume.

SAP Concur continues this pattern, but it does it better than most. Instead of simply linking attendees to its homepage as a CTA, it sends them several relevant landing pages. The company’s Celebrating National Small Business Week? Landing page. More details on how Concur Expense works for SMBs? Landing page. Customer stories relevant to SMB owners? Landing page crafted just for them.

These corresponding landing pages answer every potential question an attendee could have for SAP Concur. That’s an ingenious, targeted use of one of the most used tools on the ON24 platform.

With its combination of great opening videos, the constant presence of interactive tools, easy to understand housekeeping and killer CTAs, SAP Concur his another great entry in the 2018 Webinars That Rocked. Hats off to the team and we look forward to what they do next year!

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