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How SAP Concur Increases Account Reach and Generates $600K in Pipeline with ON24

September 3rd, 2021 Andrea Bartman

As a technology company specializing in automated and integrated travel, expense and invoice management,  SAP Concur knows it makes life easier for customers.

But, like all technology, Concur’s proposed solution has a learning curve. To help customers get the most from its software, SAP Concur developed a webinar program to train and educate users.

To successfully enable business partners, and ensure every user has the best possible experience, the SAP Concur team makes smart use of its webinars. With the ON24 platform, SAP Concur:

    • Reached more than 3,500 users from 3,000 accounts
    • Saw repeat attendees with most participants averaging four to five webinars
    • Generated an average of $600,000 in pipeline per webinar program

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Take a look at how they did it:

A Need for Better Customer Service

An example of a SAP Concur virtual summit.

Although SAP Concur’s software is intuitive and user-friendly, many of us know “user-friendly” is more of a spectrum than a benchmark. With a firm understanding of its user base, SAP Concur knows its users who track the most expenses are in more senior positions and may not be familiar with new software tools or applications.

With the overarching goal of deepening customer service, SAP Concur created a webinar series to provide training for Concur administrators at small- to mid-sized businesses.

The team created short and sweet training sessions for always-busy admins so they could learn to use the software more effectively and help teach their employees.

On-Demand is Key

An example of an SAP Concur webinar.

With ON24 Webcast Elite, SAP Concur created a webinar training series that showed admins how to use the software and offered best practices and tips and tricks to make the process easier. Thinking first and foremost of their customers, the SAP Concur team knew they needed to make the webinar series available on-demand.

Admins are often tasked with more things to do than time to do it, so they had to be able to self-educate at a time and place convenient to them. With ON24, live webinars seamlessly transition to on-demand content as soon as the live event completes, making it easy for the SAP team to ensure customers could access the content on their terms.

But the team didn’t stop there!

Going Beyond the Webinar

An example of a SAP Concur webinar.

Marketers spend a lot of time creating and producing content for a specific purpose. In the old days of marketing, content was often used once and never thought of again. But not with SAP Concur.

The team at SAP Concur decided it could stop spinning wheels generating new content and instead recycle older content. The marketing team selected key parts of the webinars and made them stand-alone video clips to be used for other customer communications.

Learn more about creating and repurposing evergreen content here and here.

Additionally, the team used audience questions from the webinar’s Q&A to create talking points for the sales and customer service teams allowing them to proactively address common questions, concerns and troubleshooting.

The Q&A and survey features were also used to gauge the effectiveness of the training and to create additional resources and follow-up materials.

Each webinar had a variety of customer training documents in the Resources section. The marketing team tracked which documents were downloaded the most and used this as a guide to know where attendees needed additional instruction. They then shared supplementary information in follow-up communications or considered it for a separate training session depending on its popularity.

SAP Concur’s Successful Outcome

A webinerd celebrating success.

The admin webinar training series generated significant value in several ways for SAP Concur. Not only did the organization create content useful to its customers, but the marketing team helped the sales and customer service teams with insights gathered from the webinar and participants.

Secondly, SAP Concur clearly found a need in their customer base and filled it with a compelling and useful webinar series designed to help users. The training series reached more than 3,500 unique users from 3,000 customer accounts. Attendees participated in four or five training sessions on average, showing deep engagement and interest in the topics.

By enabling their business partners to be more successful and creating relevant engagement opportunities with the brand, SAP Concur generated an average of $600,000 in pipeline per webinar program.

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