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How Qlik Streamlined Experiences by Focusing on the Customer

January 30th, 2020 Michael Mayday

Audiences demand better experiences — especially when that audience is mostly paying customers. But crafting comprehensive content journeys — and curating material for the right viewer — takes time and energy that most marketing departments don’t have.

It shouldn’t be this way — and it doesn’t have to be. Customer marketing teams can use the content they already have to engage, address and improve the customer experience. All they have to do is curate the right content into the right content hub and set up a specialized landing page to engage audiences.

Qlik’s Journey

Take Qlik for example. Qlik helps organizations to get more out of their data through powerful its analytics platform. Its more than 50,000 customers include governments, healthcare organizations and utilities.  So, it’s important for its customers to understand how to get the most out of its product.

But Qlik’s quarterly product releases didn’t engage its customers and lacked the in-depth details they wanted. To ensure its users got the necessary engagement and details they needed, the company turned to two ON24 platform solutions, Target and Engagement Hub.

With these two tools, Qlik could deliver a thoughtful customer journey and experience. Here’s how Qlik made it happen:

A White-Glove Content Experience

To fuel its content experience, Qlik offers customers the opportunity to subscribe to its quarterly product releases, the Qlik Insider webinar series. The company then directs subscribers to more complementary information about each release using a dedicated ON24 Target page.

With all of its content in one place, subscribers with access to Qlik’s Insider Lounge can easily refer to the Qlik Product Spotlight library for any information they’d want at any time. This exclusive resource, built with ON24 Engagement Hub, also provides subscribers with additional product webinars, videos and how-to guides.

ON24 Target and Engagement Hub have been critical in creating a seamless, cohesive experience for our customers. As customers subscribe to the Qlik Insider webinar series, we can drive them to the Insider Lounge and the Product Spotlight immediately after, so they can catch up on anything that they may have missed over the past year.

—Amber White, Demand Generation Specialist, Qlik

Put together, Qlik has a complete, seamless journey and that engages and informs its customers about new product releases. As a result, Qlik has seen its webinar series subscribers double. See how Qlik made it happen in this edition of The #Webinerd Channel.