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How ON24 Supports Your Privacy and Security

April 16th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

ON24 remains the trusted partner to host and execute webinars of all sizes, with an unwavering commitment to user privacy and security. Your event’s success should not only be measured by registration/attendance and your audience’s engagement, but also by the overall execution of the event. Here are a few ways we help you manage and secure your events:

Data Encryption and Privacy Law Compliance

ON24 encrypts all sensitive information: data in transit (moving through a browser, and back and forth), data at rest (sitting in the database) and backups. Data at rest is safeguarded with self-encrypting drives and all data in transit is secured using SSL certificates issued by a trusted provider.

ON24 is dedicated to helping you comply with applicable privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in connection with your collection of data on the ON24 platform. You can read more here.

Tools Built to Support Audience Access Requirements

ON24 does not dictate what information you need to collect and how it can and should be used — you do. When building your digital experience registration pages, you decide what you want to capture. ON24 does not require any particular field in the registration page, and all forms and pages are protected by the browser.

Event protection isn’t limited to registration. Maybe you want to limit attendees to a defined group? For added layers of audience security, leverage additional webinar security options:

  • Domain Filtering: Block or allow registrants from a defined set of domains or email addresses. For example, block users from the acme.com domain and add specific emails as exceptions. You can also just as easily only allow visitors from specific domains.
  • HTTP Referrer: Require that all registrants access the webinar from a link on a webpage on an assigned HTTP referrer location.
  • Password: Require audiences to enter a password to register and log into the webinar.
  • SAML/Single Sign-On: Integrating with Active Directory or your company’s sign-on system for maximum security.
  • Registration Capacity: Limit the number of registrants on a per-webinar basis.

Securing Presenter, Producer and Audience Access

To ensure only desired content is presented, only designated presenters or producers can have the ability to present to the audience. Each webinar produced with ON24 Webcast Elite has specific presenter links that are not public and can be password protected to ensure only select presenters can access. Only users with these designated and private links can start, host and present on a webinar, and only they can share their screen, show videos or any other content.

By default, distributed audience links only give audience members access to view and interact with the content.

With all these unique features to manage your audience and event production, rest assured that ON24 is there to support the security of each and every webinar.

If you’d like to learn more about the ON24 platform and how it secures your information and events, please contact us. If you’re already using ON24, please contact your CSM.