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How Integrate Generated Leads and Opportunities with the ON24 platform

May 26th, 2021

Integrate is an industry leader in precision demand marketing. The company helps B2B marketers develop and deliver an omnichannel demand strategy, convert leads to revenue and drive marketing ROI.  Integrate works with high-growth and enterprise organizations like Salesforce and Microsoft to help its customers orchestrate connected buying experiences.

Educational and engaging product demos

Integrate wanted to create an experience for prospects to get a demo of the company’s product without the pressure of a one-to-one meeting with a sales rep. The organization developed a bi-weekly digital experience series called Integrate Live to invite people to see its product in action.

With the ON24 platform, Integrate can now offer visually compelling, seamless demos. This empowers the company to deliver a better customer experience so prospects won’t feel bombarded by sales reps.

The Integrate Live series features a slick digital experience console with a focus on the demo content and the speaker. The organization leverages ON24 platform features like calls to action, Q&As and a resources button to keep conversations going after the sessions end.

A screenshot of Integrate Live, displaying a host, slide deck, CTAs and downloadable resources.

A short and sweet experience

Each Integrate Live session is around 30 minutes, which the company finds keeps engagement high. After every digital experience, attendees are prompted to register for the next webinar in the series. Thanks to the ON24 integration with Marketo, Integrate uses a single Marketo form to allow people to sign up for multiple sessions at once, driving registrations for future events.

The ON24 platform enables Integrate to showcase its product demo with a live screen share and without pressure from a sales rep. Each session is short and sweet, with time for people to ask questions.

Driving leads and opportunities

Since the company launched the Integrate Live series, several people have reached out to Integrate’s solutions consultants on LinkedIn to let them know how much they enjoyed the sessions and to set up a one-to-one demo with a sales rep. The bi-weekly digital experience series has already generated several new opportunities for Integrate.

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