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Feature Friday: Simplify Webinar Design with ON24 Console Builder

June 26th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

Research proves that visuals are powerful drivers of engagement and conversions, with 80% of audiences remembering what they see, compared to only 20% remembering what they read. That’s why ON24 is a huge proponent of webinar customization opportunities that let you create immersive brand experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Though, for some, designing can be daunting. With ON24 Webcast Elite’s Console Builder, you can simplify your webinar consoles design without the need for any web design experience or HTML skills. Anyone on your team, no matter what skill level, can easily create beautiful and engaging webinar consoles!


Getting Started with Webinar Console Design

The Console Builder allows you to easily customize everything from backgrounds and layout to custom fonts and colors. Choose what engagement tools you want to leverage to engage audiences. Navigate to the Engagement Tools Manager and place it anywhere you want. To resize, you just need to pull and adjust the windows.

For backgrounds, you can choose a single color, utilize gradients or upload your own image. No need to worry about any coding.

Fine Tune Console Design with Easy-to-Use Tools

You can adjust and fine-tune your console design even further using the Console Customization settings. Using simple sliders, you can adjust:

  • Window Shadows: The shadow around the border of each engagement tool window.
  • Window Corner Radius: How rounded each window corner should be or you can just keep square corners.
  • Button Corner Radius: How rounded each button should be or you can utilize square corners.

Within the Console Customization settings, you can also change your button colors and adjust engagement tool labels, such as having a white, gray, black or transparent header. All of these customization selections are possible with just a few clicks.

To experience the audience’s view as you build your console, just click the preview button. This is the default view the attendees see upon joining your webinar. Aspect ratios can be locked to what you set or you can allow audience members to resize and move each window based on their own preferences.

Whether you’re new to webinars or have been creating webinars for years, you can create engaging and on-brand webinars consoles in a few simple steps. The Console Builder is easy to use so that what you create and see is what your audience members get.