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Feature Friday: Mobile Audience Console Experience

September 11th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

According to a recent report, in 2019, American adults spent more than three hours each day on their phones, with expectations that this figure will increase to more than four hours in 2021. At ON24, we are focused on ensuring engaging experiences to target audiences everywhere — no matter where they are and whatever devices they’re on. That is why we leverage robust streaming technology, integrate audience engagement tools and provide flexible layout options to create a better, smoother mobile viewing experience.

Flexible Layouts For Audience Preference

Similarly to how audience members can adjust their view of an ON24 webinar audience console on a desktop, they can do so on their mobile phones as well. Audience members can view slides and the media player next to each other; and in landscape orientation, they can choose from four different layouts and toggle in between:

  • slides and media side-by-side (slides larger, media smaller)
  • slides and media of equal size
  • slides in full screen
  • media in full screen

The ON24 mobile console experience maximizes screen real estate without taking away from the content being presented — enabling the viewer to clearly view, read and fully interact just as they would on a personal computer.


Capture Audience Engagement and Interest

The new mobile experience’s more modern user interface also supports the tools that are most important to engage audiences and understand their interests. Through the mobile experience, audience members are able to engage with the speaker(s) and content through an easy-to-navigate menu of interactivity tools. Easily ask questions, download resources and more — all from a mobile phone.


We are constantly making improvements to the mobile experience so that audiences can join webinars wherever they are. If you’re already an ON24 customer and aren’t yet providing the more user-friendly mobile interface to your audiences, please contact your CSM to make the switch.