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Feature Friday: Increasing Reach with ON24 Registration

August 7th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

You’ve got the best speakers and the most engaging content in your webinars — now let’s make sure these webinars get maximum exposure. To do so, you need to ensure that your webinar registration — the “entryway” into your digital experience — is effective. At ON24, we are committed to creating the tools that enable you to efficiently reach audiences. So we took a look at registration activity across ON24 webinars from January through June 2020 to provide you with best practices to improve conversion to attendance.

Limit the Number of Registration Fields

Webinerd funnel

Be sure to make registering seamless and easy! There are fewer things more frustrating then having to answer question upon question when you want to attend a webinar or consume content. If you add too many registration fields, the audience member will likely drop off and not register. Focus on the fields that are most important to your needs. Across ON24 registration pages, we see an average of seven registration fields per event. The most common fields include email, first name, last name, company and job title.

Design and Branding Matter: Add a Banner

Webinerd social media

Don’t bore your audience with a text-only registration page! Images and banners capture audience attention and entice them to know more. In fact, ON24 registration pages with a banner image had a 32% higher conversion than registration pages without a banner. Be sure your eye-catching banners reflect your brand. You can even have more fun with it and add an image of the product you’re releasing or even a sneak-peek of some of the content to be discussed in the webinar. This will encourage audience members to register.

For more tips and tricks, including how to drive registration with speed and reach, be sure to check out our Webinar Best Practices.