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Feature Friday: How to Effectively Integrate Drift Chatbot

August 28th, 2020 Ryan Balke

A few months ago, we launched ON24’s first-ever innovative chatbot integration – Drift – across Target landing pages and Engagement Hubs.

With 80% of B2B buyers expecting real-time communication, Drift chatbot allows marketers to establish a direct connection with prospects at a time when those in-person interactions aren’t possible.

Here are some ways you can use the Drift chatbot to effectively manage these conversations across your ON24 digital experiences:

Webinar Registration

We know there can be friction when it comes to audience members filling out lengthy registration forms. Even with perfectly curated email promotions, you still have to click ‘Send’ and hope that your audience opens the email, clicks the CTA, reaches your landing page, and then finally registers.

Adding Drift chatbots to your ON24 experience pages takes a lot of those barriers out of the equation. In fact, one Drift email customer saw a 97% increase in webinar registrations when they used a conversational CTA and a bot to manage their replies; a big payoff with much less effort – allowing you to focus on other areas of your enterprise.

Check out our built-in feature called Seamless Registration for more information on how to set up webinar registration from almost any external source (including Drift).

1:1 Direct Engagement

Drift chatbot interactions can sometimes feel a little, well, perhaps not so ironically, robotic. That’s why it’s important to add a human touch to your Drift chatbot CTAs, especially if you’re trying to engage with attendees during a live event or set up a post-event meeting with an IRL sales development representative – in other words, add a level of personality to your chatbot experience.

Following Up

Drift chatbot integrations in ON24 experiences are another way to accelerate the buyer journey and build direct relationships more efficiently. It may be helpful to think of your Chatbot as a dedicated follow-up channel, which can help keep the conversation going and get that big meeting on the books.

Be sure to keep your follow-ups simple and when possible, personalize your messages for those target accounts.

We know how important analytics are to managing your buyer journeys and are currently working on a few ways to improve your Drift integrations on ON24 experiences. Keep an eye out for more expanded tracking and reporting in the coming months.

For more information on our Drift integration, check out the following resources:

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