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Feature Friday: Building Brand-Binging with Engagement Hub

February 14th, 2020 Stephanie Dang

The content binge — where audiences consume a range of content in one sitting — is now standard. While Netflix and Hulu started it all with binge-watching services for consumers, B2B marketers are cementing “the binge” as a valuable marketing tactic with powerful content hubs.

The Brand and Binge

Being “binge-worthy” today means not only creating a strong attachment with audiences, but providing content they want and need when they want and need it — making it easy to stay connected with your brand.

ON24’s Engagement Hub makes it easy for you to package up your best content in a single, coherent hub and provide your prospects and customers the opportunity to binge. Best of all,  it’s reproducible, allowing you to consistently showcase your brand as audience members move along their respective content journeys.

Design Your Content Experience

Engagement Hub empowers your organization to put your brand in its best light — no matter where it is. Content in an Engagement Hub can be hosted either as a standalone content library or embedded in your corporate website. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Standalone: Easily customize and add images to make it look like a single webpage to promote related content, a digital event or conference and much more.
  • Embedded: Add styling elements that seamlessly blends your Hub in with your website and ensures content findability.

With Engagement Hub, you can add your own banners, colors, custom fonts and get down to particular details such as tile styling and shadowing. Additionally, choose from multiple layout options with featured content and carousel playlists that let all of your content shine.

If you’d like to learn more about how ON24 Engagement Hub supports building branded content experiences, check out this on-demand demo. 

Provide Content Hubs to Love

The Media Manager also enables you to easily manage and publish all your multimedia assets, from webinars to videos to ebooks and more. All of these content types are essential to building your brand and they should be highlighted.

We love NVIDIA’s Engagement Hub, which recently won best Hub during the annual Webinars that Rocked webinar. Branded to perfection, NVIDIA’s Hub utilizes and presents their brand colors, images and everything that makes it NVIDIA.

The hub also supports regional replays, ensuring the NVIDIA brand is globally recognized. With filters for country or language, those around the world can quickly find the most relevant content for them. And then registration pages, such as for a webinar, are in the local language.

You know those awesomely seductive Netflix suggestions that keep you sucked in? With Related and Recommended Content, you can also keep your audience glued into your Hub. Set related content for each content piece so when an audience member views one, they can select what else to watch or read based on your suggestions.

If you’d like to learn more about how ON24 Engagement Hub supports building branded content experiences, check out this on-demand demo. If you’re already leveraging Engagement Hub, check out guides in the ON24 Knowledge Center to design and customize your Hub.