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Feature Friday: Account Engagement Profile

September 6th, 2019 Stephanie Dang

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has grown to become one of the most effective approaches to impact business growth. ABM deeply engages target accounts for better ROI while strengthening the sales-marketing relationship. Not only do companies using ABM generate 208% more revenue from marketing efforts, but 83% of marketers also say ABM increases engagement with target accounts, effectively making the marketing and sales process more efficient. 

ABM’s customer experience-first strategy enables B2B marketers to deliver the personalization needed to realize impactful growth. The ability to deliver that needed level of personalization is a robust, comprehensive view of those accounts’ engagement and interests. To enable marketers to understand their target accounts, ON24 developed the Account Engagement Profile (AEP). Key in scaling ABM efforts, the AEP is a cumulative report of all engagement from all individual prospects within the same business account. It compiles individual interests and interactions so marketers know what content resonates with the account. 

ON24 AEP details:

  • Account engagement metrics, such as average Engagement Score, total leads and more
  • Funnel Stages detailing the number of registrants and attendees in each stage of the buyer journey 
  • Recent content views and viewers of that specific content 
  • Recent interactions from each lead or prospect 

With the AEP in hand, ABM marketers are able to utilize these actionable insights to improve and deploy personalized campaigns that resonate with each lead and the entire account. 

If you’d like to learn more about ON24 Intelligence, AEP and utilizing engagement insights to concentrate on target accounts, please contact us. If you’re an ON24 customer, learn more about AEP in the Knowledge Center.