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Driving Higher Results with Digital Events

December 4th, 2019 Jane Menyo

Trade shows and in-person events used to be one of the most important programs a marketing department could produce. But ever since we as marketers shifted to digital marketing strategies, their relevance has been overshadowed by new lead generation tactics. But because of their unparalleled ability to create in-person connections, it’s a channel we can’t seem to get away from.

Two of the greatest values that live events offer are the impressive brand impact they have and the powerful content they create. Many event marketers are reimagining their strategies to get the most out of live events and are looking for ways to share their in-person experiences in the digital world.

More people are turning to online resources for information, making it difficult to drive attendance to live-events. And, with high costs and travel constraints limiting the reach of content, event marketers are finding it more difficult to justify their programs.

ON24 Target helps you to scale in-person events and digital experiences. You can easily include video recordings of live-speaker sessions, pre-recorded panel webinars and any related content that will further educate your audience and effectively bring your in-person event to an online audience.

Much like an in-person event, attendees only need to register for the sessions once. The big difference here is that you get insights into every session an attendee joins, how long they stay and what sessions are the most attended overall. You can tap into reporting analytics to share with your broader marketing team, or enable your sales representatives to have a well-informed follow-up.

You can include additional engagement opportunities that are relevant to the entire audience or design special tracks relevant to a specific audience. Create a digital event strategy to extend the value of your content and reach a broader audience.

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