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ON24 Webinars of 2019 Wrap-up

January 3rd, 2020 Michael Mayday

We hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve on Dec. 31 and are ready for a fantastic new decade. If you were on social (and you know you were) you probably saw a little #webinerd countdown recapping what went down in 2019. We thought it had such great tidbits (who knew dogs, cats and cannabis made for a webinar?) that we’re re-listing the countdown here.

Take a look:

We keep feeding the content beast, and the appetite for binge-ing has yet to be satisfied:
ON24 #webinerds load ten new pieces of content into their ON24 Engagement Hub every 90 days.

Data is the reigning webinar keyword of 2019… and there’s a growing concern for keeping it safe. Nearly 90 webinars were held on data privacy.

Every single ON24 webinar rocked this year. And, eight of those webinars, covering topics that ranged from medical education to international travel, rocked especially hard and were featured on the main stage as winners of our annual “Webinars that Rocked” webinar. Watch the replay to see what makes these webinars truly rock! Watch now.

Our audience wants to keep their journey going… and going… and going… More than 17,000 webinar attendees in 2019 clicked through from a webinar into another webinar or content experience.

Webinars are getting personal. Really personal. More than six body parts underwent live surgery on webcam this year, including a human heart, eyeball, mouth, nose, feet and full set of toes.

The OK Boomer meme made its way into webinars… in a nice way 😉 five webinars focused on helping Boomers and Millennials bridge the generational gap.

People want the facts more than ever before. More than 400 webinars about research happened in 2019.

Cannabis, cats and dogs. The three most surprising words combined in a single webinar title this year.

Climate Change is a HOT topic … pun intended. Over 20 webinars this summer included it in their title.

But of all the 200K+ webinars we powered this year, only one webinar series was entirely dedicated to, well, you guessed it, webinars. Led by the one and only Chief Webinerd, Mark Bornstein, we broke all kinds of records, engaging in 10K+ unique interactions with over 13K of you #webinerds over the past 12 months.

So, if there’s one thing for sure about 2019… we couldn’t have achieved any of it without you.

Thank you, and cheers to an even better year of webinars in 2020!