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Coming Soon: The Webinars That Rocked 2020

October 21st, 2020

Webinerds know that there are webinars, and there are webinars that rock. One is serviceable; the other is exceptional. The former is impressive; the latter is absolutely engaging. But what makes a webinar that rocks, rock? Is it just a good console and an engaging format? Or, is it the content itself?

The answer: it’s a little bit of everything. The best webinars stand out because they seamlessly incorporate each element — from engagement tactics and interactive segments to video production and design — throughout the entire webcast. The result: a webinar you can’t look away from and a company you return to for more information.

But realizing webinar nirvana takes inspiration. And we think the best inspiration out there is to take a look at what others are doing well and incorporate those elements into your own production. That’s why, each year, we dedicate an episode of our Webinar Best Practices Series to the Webinars That Rocked that year. And 2020’s Webinars That Rocked is coming up soon.

What are the ‘Webinars That Rocked?’

Simple: Webinars That Rocked is our list of the top eight webinar programs taking place in 2020. But we’re not the ones who go out and identify these stand-out webinars — you are. For every edition of Webinars That Rocked, we invite you to identify the webinars that impressed you and explain why.

This year, though, we’re going to mix things up a little bit. Webinars That Rocked is no longer limited to just webinars. You can also include fantastic Engagement Hubs and enthralling Target pages.

Okay. How Do We Participate?

Rack your brain and think of all the webinars, Engagement Hubs and Target pages you created in 2020. Identify the ones that stood out to you (you can make as many submissions as you’d like) and plug them into this form.

Here are a few items to have prepared for speed up submissions:

    • Enter your work emails to start the submission process.
    • Identify whether the submission is either a Webinar Experience, an always-on Engagement Hub Experience or a Personalized Target Page Experience.
    • Have the title of the webinar, Engagement Hub or Target page and a link to the page in question ready.
    • Write out three reasons why this experience stood out to you.
    • Let your nominee know!

And that’s it! From there, we’ll whittle down the list of submissions and identify the finalists for Best Webinar Experience, Best Engagement Hub Experience and Best Personalized Target Page Experience. Stay tuned for more information on the Webinars That Rocked 2020 and get your submissions ready. We’ll see you on Dec. 9!