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Building Your Webinar Dream Team

It sounds like a setup to a punchline: “How many marketers does it take…?” But building your webinar team is no joke. Without the right team, delivering a webinar can be a serious headache. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to put together your very own webinar dream team. In fact, it all starts with just three people:

1. The Presenter

What makes a good presenter? In a word, energy. Since the presenter is the face of your webinar, it’s their job to keep your audience excited and engaged. A good presenter is also prepared, polished, and good at thinking on their feet — after all, you never know exactly what will pop up in a live Q&A!

The presenter’s primary job is to deliver the webinar, but that’s not their only job. In fact, the biggest responsibility for the presenter may be building and preparing the presentation itself. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be the ultimate subject matter expert. A good presenter combines their own knowledge with deep expertise from all around the company to craft killer webinar content and wow the audience.

2. The Promoter

When it comes to delivering a successful webinar, people consistently list driving registration and attendance as the #1 challenge they face. That’s why it’s so important to assign someone the specific job of promoting your webinar. The promoter makes sure that the landing page looks good and works correctly, that the emails go out on time, and that everyone else on the webinar team is constantly up-to-date on where the registration numbers stand.

A good promoter is organized and detail-oriented. After all, webinar promotions have a lot of moving pieces: at least two or three promotional emails, event confirmations and calendaring tools, on-demand archiving of the webinar, and post-event follow-up, just to name a few.

3. The Producer

Every webinar needs someone behind the scenes to make sure everything looks and sounds great. That person is the producer, who is responsible for the webinar’s technical infrastructure. They will set up the console before the event to make sure that it matches the presenter’s plan. On the day of the webinar, the producer (along with the presenter) checks in at least 30 minutes early to test the equipment and troubleshoot any technical issues that may have come up.

During the webinar, the producer may lend a hand with managing live Q&A, pushing polls, or anything else where the presenter needs a little extra assistance.

With the right team in your corner, you’re in the perfect place to execute a great webinar. Stick around the ON24 blog for more great webinar tips!